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Gopher holes?

You just gave away their secret!!!!! :lol:


So there is now two people in Sask, that is amazing, when did this happen???!!!??? I bet you can see each other no matter where you are standing :D


Seriously........Sask has some really good cache sites. I've only been to one so far (Cannington) but am familiar with the areas of others and those close to the MB border. Don't knock SK it can be a beautiful place....


Even if there is nothing to see but miles and miles and miles of emptiness <_<


We call it "the Gap" in MB!

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We're southern Manitoba cachers who travel often to Central SK and just put up Yorkton's first cache. You should try to get some newspapers to do geocaching articles because it seems many people in that neck of the woods have GPSr for hunting so...this is something that is legal to hunt year round with their kids.

We'd love to see more and the bush is thicker there than anything we've ever seen in Manitoba.

Now in and around Regina you could get real creative...If New York can have them so can Regina.

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Most of the Regina caches seem to go missing in fairly short order. Either people aren't hiding them well enough or they are placed where you look out of place while looking for the cache and can't be surreptitious about what you are doing. I've noticed in caches in the surrounding area, a tendency to just lean the cache up against a tree, no camoflage involved.

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And yet another Cacher in SK. :huh:

Man we seriously need to get a web site up and running. I had a personal GC site up on my site, but due to some poor service from my provider... my site will be down for a week or two. lol I'll have to try and get out a bit mor east this spring and pick up a few. I got over half of the Saskatoon ones as the G/F is from there. And thanx again for the cache in Yorkton 1Q4J.... it was a blast and a "learning" experience.



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SK cacher here in south eastern SK about 125 kms east of Regina. Finder of a few caches so far and owner of one so far. I plan on placing more along the wonderful views of the Qu'Appelle Valley. SuzyQ and myself now have travel bugs we received for Christmas that we will send out on a jouney in the spring.

I have contacted John Gormley and Murray Wood with 650 CKOM (Saskatoon), 980 CJME (Regina) to inform them that the second geocache in Canada is located in SK and it is the very first geocache in SK. I hope they would do a show about Geocaching in Saskatchewan and get more people involved, finding and placing. Keep on caching in Saskacachewan B) . Our cache is 'The Poplar Place', first we have placed but more to come soon.

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:D The webcam cache I was waiting approval on has been declined. I am very disappointed this webcam cache was not approved since it would have been the first one in Saskatchewan. Everything was explained very well in the guidelines and by the approver but even with my examples of webcams that have worse clarity, this webcam was declined. So much for the first webcam in Saskatchewan at this time. Maybe someone else out there knows of a better camera location for the first webcam cache in SK. I have given up on webcam caches in SK because of the double standard I have been shown in approving caches like this.


Very disappointed

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:o Great news, the first geocache webcam in Saskatchewan has been approved. This webcam is located at the U. of S. and is the property of the university, I have no control of this webcam. Although I live in southern Saskatchewan it was approved partly because I travel a lot around the province and I am through Saskatoon several times a year. I also have an email contact at the university and with their permission was able to list this one as a geocache.

Sorry bigmuddy, i am not much of a pioneer with webcams, I would like one of my own but haven't been able to get around to buying one just yet. I don't think there would be too much to it once you have the camera. There is probably lots of information online about how to get one set up and working. The first webcam geocache in Saskatchewan is not ready to be visited and logged, enjoy.


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Sorry to hear that it was declined, the guidelines have changed and the picture quality has to be good enough to at least identify the cacher. Been there, done that with my cache. I found out a lot of information in a hurry about webcam caches and getting one approved. We hope to have more regular caches placed this spring in southern SK so more cachers driving past on the Trans Canada can take a break and stretch their legs.

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;) We are from Saskatoon and have enjoyed all the hunts around the area as "you only get out of the game of what you put into it." In other words if it is a gopher hole or not, your out there, your enjoying your day and your getting to see parts of the location that you most likely wouldn't have otherwise.

So let the record show that there are now 3 of us from Saskatchewan.

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More and more Sask cachers coming out of the winter hibernation. That is great, the more the better. Should be a good summer for caching, more placed and more found. Looking forward to having a great summer. I just recently downloaded nRoute to go along with my Mapsource Metroguide, now I am getting familiar with GSAK for caching. Hook my GPSr up to the laptop and hit the road. Should be fun seeking and hiding things this summer. :huh:

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Hey it's about time I stumbled across a Sask-caching site. Why didn't I think to check these forums before.....Anyway there are now 5 cachers in Sask. I think caching is a perfect way to find the hidden gems in Sask, and some beautiful urban parks. We are from Saskatoon, but I have done a few caches in Moose Jaw too. I plan on putting tons of new ones out this spring and summer (sorry, I'm a fairweather cacher).


I use a Pocket PC GPS, a Globalsat BC-307, with a Compaq IPAQ. Me and a couple of guys at work use Mapopolis for drving, and Vito Navigator 2 for geocaching. If anyone wants to know how to get ahold of these for cheap (hint hint), just ask.

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I'll be joining you all soon (from Saskatoon) - just gotta pick-up a GPS reciever first :ph34r:


I've been talking to a number of friends about this and a few sound quite interested in starting themselves.


My girlfriend and I thought it'd be a great way to ge out a little more this summer. Looking forward to our first cache when the snow finally melts.

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Sure would love to see some caches in Regina that wouldn't be disabled in winter like all those Regina School Board ones. We would've done them if...Making them year round seems to help the game in Manitoba. Just hide em a little higher...And/or make them a little smaller. Hwy #1 Caches would be great and please don't neglect the old Yellowhead.

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Here is an idea in another threat that I like and think will help caching in any province.




There are a few caches right near the Trans Canada Highways through SK (1 and 16) that could be added to this plan.

I hope to place one very soon that will work for this plan very well. There is one already in the list for SK near Morse.




Another could be added at Swift Current.




Happy caching

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Sure would love to see some caches in Regina that wouldn't be disabled in winter like all those Regina School Board ones. We would've done them if...Making them year round seems to help the game in Manitoba. Just hide em a little higher...And/or make them a little smaller. Hwy #1 Caches would be great and please don't neglect the old Yellowhead.


If I remember correctly the White Butte area with the Regina School board caches, becomes a cross-country ski area in the winter. I imagine they are trying to keep people from trying to walk in there and disturbing the ski trails.

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Glad I found this site. I just started geocacheing. Today I found my first cashe and was able to do some serious 4 wheeling at the same time. Would like to meet up with others sometimes. I live in PA but travel northern Sask half the time. Not many sites in my area but maybe it will grow.



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Since having posted the above, we have not only purchased a GPSr, we've found 6 caches so far. Realizing that if we kept up that pace we'd be out of local caches in no time we've already placed our first one.


I've got a really good location in mind for another cache and will hopefully get a chance to put it out there this weekend.


Keep the Saskatoon cache's coming! We need more! :D

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To help promote geocaching in SK, some time ago I email John Gormley and Murray Wood at Rawlco Radio to tell them about it. I was hoping they would be interested in doing a portion of thier radio shows about geocaching. I have never had a reply from either of them and have never heard anything on the radio about an up comming segment. There is 1065 caches in Alberta, 174 in Manitoba and 136 here in Saskatchewan, as of today. We have alot of potential for more caches, yes we have less population but we also have lots of places to hide caches. Lets get out there and find and place more. I have plans to place several more this spring and summer once time allows me to get out and do more. My house renovatrions take up lots of my time right now.


Have a great summer of caching.

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Hello all,

Relocated to Rosthern from Calgary just over a year ago.

Enjoy the caching and the area, have placed two caches

("Petiteville" by P Cricket and Bigrock and also "Trader" by Bigrock & Wife) since we have been living / visiting here and plan to place a few more now that the weather is nice.

We have come across a few really nice areas that we would have never discovered with out Geocaching! We are planning to find as many as we can this summer.


Keep the caches comin <_<

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Hello from White City! Just found the Sask Forum page and thought I would add a few items of thought.

I came across geocaching by "fluke" while hiking in mountains of Palm Springs Cal. USA this winter while on holidays. My wife and I meet and joined a few seniors hikers and one had a Magellan GPS and showed me where a geocahe was hidden south of the site of the world famous Bob Hope's House. I was hooked,with my background in surveying it was perfect past time.


As we are just getting thru a winter that will not quit, it has driven me crazy ad forced me to find my first two caches in the Swift Current area while working there. A must see is the cache GC1566 at the Sand Castles! With Saskatchewan having its celebration this year, this is one spot in the province that is a great find. check out some of the pictures I took of the area on the North side of Lake Diefenbaker in www.geocaching.com.


I see that some of the winter caches have "returned" to White Butte and so I will hope to hit those in the near future.


With the areas like Echo Valley, Duck Mountain, and Kenosee Lake there is a great abundant of existing trails for geocaching sites. Everyone should try to set a new cache for a centenial project for years to come of future geocachers.


As I talk to some of my friends at work about geocaching, some have becomed hooked over night!


here's to a great summer ahead!! :)

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:lol: Hello!!!! We are from Prince Albert and have been caching for about a year and I am trying to get everyone I know interested in it. Also have about 5 locations picked out to hide our own, We tried one in the National Park...oops, didnt know the rules.
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Here is the link for the Interim Policy on Geocaching in Protected Heritage Areas Managed by Parks Canada

Hopefully this will give a bit more insight into the subject.

There are only two in Sask. that might be affected by the interm policy. The "Johnny" cache is 100% inside the P.A. National Park, and "Cypress Hills" could possibly be in the Fort Walsh National Historic Site.


GC84B9 Johnny by Tim and Morgan and Brian (ve6ca)


GC600D Cypress Hills by Campbell Outdoors Club

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;) Can I rant a little about the caches in Moose Jaw? I'm from there, so every time we go back, we like to do the new caches. One of them, Head for the Hills, has been around for quite some time. The coordinates posted were about 30 meters off, in bush with elevation changes. The coordinates were updated, but when I found the cache, it had been muggled (with beer bottles and condoms placed in it, since removed) , because the cache was sitting in the middle of a well-worn path. Two others, Trans Canada Trail and Golf View, are not hidden well, and only a few meters away from paved walking paths.


On may long weekend, I took my nephews to find the caches placed by Ross School students. One was at the Speed skating oval, and it was nowhere to be found. Another was supposed to be under the bridge in Crescent Park, another cache's coordinates show that the cache is in the middle of a fairway on a golf course. So Ross school is oh for 3 in their cache placement, and everyone else gets a zero for hiding it well and having accurate coordinates. They are really just poorly done compared to the ones in Saskatoon and Regina and elsewhere. Remember, after placing your cache and marking the coordinates, go back and find it a few times before posting it.


I guess maybe I should stop complaining and pplace some of my own when I go home. :o

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I feel for ya trailerpark. I've been there, and done that. Some of the caches I have gone out to find, have been either no where near the posted cords. and a few of them no where to be found. I use 2 gps on my hunts. A garmin GPS12, and a Garmin Rino 120, with topo Canada maps installed. I know that there can be a diffrence from unit to unit on there ability to plot the correct position, but some I have found 20m away with a EPE of 3m on my Rino. The best way I have found for getting propper cords., is to find your location, and place your GPS there for a few hours, then take the best set available from the data the unit has received. This can also be done by visiting the site a few times (the more the better) prior to setting up the cache. The cache I placed was actually ready to be placed 3 months prior, but I went to the site and marked waypoints for a few months, plotted them on my computer using mapsource, then took the best cords. The availibility to see the satilites changes from day to dayand second by second. There are so many factors that will reduce the aquiring of a good set of locations. This cache is bang on the money. I want to check it out now that all the trees are full of leaves to see what kind of EPE I can get.



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Here are some sugestions I have sent to Parks Canada


1) Limited number of caches in National Parks (# of caches/square km)

2) Historic sites to have virtual caches only and limited to 1 per historic location

3) No caches to be placed in or near conservation areas.

4) The cache owner and a Parks Canada official must monitor the cache locations on a regular basis.

5) All caches must be placed in a location that will not harm the ecosystem (away from a riparian zone, habitat lands, nesting/breeding areas and other ecological sensitive areas).

6) The directions to the cache location should be posted to the site, giving extra care to sensitive areas of the park.

7) Possibly have Parks Canada review the cache site and prior to posting on geocaching.com or have Parks Canada work directly with a Geocaching reviewer.

8) Geocaching.com could enlist a new reviewer(s) to keep track of caches in the parks. This would also be useful when the regulations trickle down to the Provincial and Municipal levels.

9) It would be valuable if Parks Canada could furbish the Geocaching cache approvers with GIS info, for all Federal lands under the policy.


If anyone has any other ideas that might be of use to Parks Canada, feel free to post them here, or email myself geocaching@parker2.com - parker2 or rec.activities@pc.gc.ca - Claire McNeil of Parks Canada.

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I'll be in Saskatoon the weekend of Aug 20,21 taking part in the ballooning part of the Canada Remembers Air Show. If the winds blow and I can't fly the balloon or if I have some down time I'll be cache hunting. Is there anyone up there who would like to connect and find some caches?


If you would like to come out and help with the balloons that can be arranged too! We get VIP treatment at the air show complete with free entrance, food and drinks!!! I have one regular local crew member but we're always looking for more people to help out.


Sweet Deal ;)

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Well I am looking at setting up a Meeting or two in the near future for all Geocachers in Saskatchewan. I was thinking of setting up a couple of event caches in a few of the major cities (Saskatoon, Regina, Yorkton, PA or where ever). If anyone would like to help, please contact me at geocaching@hotmail.com



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