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  1. I have found a cache guard and can't locate the link for sending the photos. Has anyone sent/received a cache guard?
  2. where can I find a KML file/link for displaying geocaches in my google earth plus
  3. I just purchased a ver 1.0 Mapsend Direct Route for my Magellan GPS from E-Bay and didn't realize that ver 1.0 didn't include North America only USA. I also need Canada eh? Is any one in the USA interested in selling there Canada CD update to me if they are never ever going to use it. Most of the the later versions 2.0 and 3.0 have the Canada CD separately. Or even a complete 2.0 or 3.0 version CD or DVD if they switched to Garmin GPS as it apppear many are going to lately. I have a Pay Pal account or can send US money order thanks don
  4. do anyone have a MapSend CD for sale for Magellans. I am looking for a reasonable priced one.
  5. Hello I am looking for the nearest GPS supplier that deals with Magellans in the FT Lauderdale, Florida area. We are going on our first Caribbean cruise(St Maarten,St. Thomas,Princess Cays) next month from Canada and I am trying to find a copy of the MapSend Blue NAV North America CD for Magellan for my Magellan Color to purchase. I can't track a good priced CD anywhere other than US (around $100.) and no one ships to Canada. We will be in FT Lauderdale for a day before we get on the crusie ship there so we hope to do a little geocaching in the area. thanks in advance currently frozen (-37F ) geocacher don Edited out copyright infringement part of this post Max Cacher Geocaching.com Volunteer Cache Reviewer // Moderator
  6. Does any one own a CF18 Panasonic Tough Book with the GPS feature. I am looking at purchasing this PC tablet and would like any good or bad comments from anyone. I wish to use it for work on construction engineering survey and inspection projects and after hours for geocaching even though I own a Magellan Color also. thanks in advance don
  7. hello I own an Median Color for play and a Median Platinium for work and that only downfall is the battery storage, I bought a few 2300 rechargeable AA's from Walmart and they last all day no problem. Be careful removing the batteries also. One of the reason I went with the Median was there price EZ Cargo in Canada sell a Color Median for $199.00/plus taxes and the Map Send Software was only $85.00 at Walmart. Unless you are retired and geocach every day why buy the high prices for a part-time sport. All GPS made recently work basically the same. Save your money for your holidays
  8. Could someone that owns a external antenna for a Median Color please tell me how to attach to my unit, where is the plugin?? any pictures. I am puzzled I wish to buy one a rough price?? thanks
  9. thanks guys, seems like it boils down to my PDA ver not min 4.0 as per the Cachemate FAQ's has anyone tried loading ver 4.0 OS on older Handspring Visors??
  10. Hello I own a Handspring Visor Pro OS ver 3.5.2h3.0 and I have Cache Mate, Iambic Tiny Sheets and Plucker softaware loaded on it plus other Address Book etc.. generic programs. When I attempt to use the "find" feature on my PDA and attempt to search for a geocache ID name( say GCB BB7) that is in my database in Cache Mate, it will not locate it.. i have tried upper and lower case but, if I use the "find" feature to look for a geocache name or even its coordinates, it can be found ??? Also I have a large database of names ,phone numbers etc in my Iambic Tiny sheets for work , I can't locate any names in this Excel spreadsheet generated database using "find" If the name exists in my address e-mail files , it is found??? Any idea on why the find feature only locates such names and places from certain files only ??
  11. Yes I have cachemate already loaded, but i only use to document my geocache in the field I see that I have to get a registered copy of cachemate first , mine is a free one which many features missing, then I can load loc and gpx files thru gc.com right??
  12. I own a handspring Visor also, When I attempt to search in my Handspring for a geocache that I have loaded in Plucker. is there a"find feature" to zoom to my geocache. in Plucker, how do you access the find feature??? or When I try and do a "find" outside of the Plucker software in the Handspring software for a geocache point name , it will not will go to the reference file in Plucker :any way around that.?? My Handspring Visor will only search for names etc..in the address folder not in hidden files (like any file in Iambic Tiny Sheet or Plucker)any users of Handspring out there to help me with search or find commands in my Visor
  13. thanks, I figured they were quite different software since I couldn't find "save as" files for *.wmf , any idea where I could create wmf file though
  14. thanks for the link, I will check out this trial software but at $50 USD, still looking for free ware. us canadians up north got to watch our lonnies eh..
  15. thanks always some one "out there" with the answer............ any links to this software please thanks planewood
  16. does any know how to create *.wmf files please for creating DVD labels in TDK labelling software that I recently purchased. They have generic *.wmf images for insert onto the DVD labels, but I want to create my own personal images , is there any free software around ,Also any way to convert *.jpeg images into *.wmf file format. I checked Paint and Ascdee software in their "save as" and nothing???
  17. Does anyone know of any free software for converting/creating *.wmf files from *.jpeg files and from scratch . I checked in Paint,ASCDEE and can't find any "save as" for wmf file format. I am creating DVD labels using TDL Labelling system for my geocach archive files, and want to create new images for the DVD cover thanks in advance
  18. hello, For all you hardy souls in Saskatchewan this cold day , there is a small group of people starting a web page for Geocaching in Saskatchewan. It is in the early stages of development and all mew members are welcome, There is hope for a startup meeting in the coming months in Saskatoon. please go to http://groups.msn.com/SaskatchewanGeocaching thanks
  19. don't bother to rent, prices are really great after christmas unless you need many for students. EZCargo has a Magellan Color which I recently bought for $250.. less than 40% off the on-line price, yes it is refurbished but Magellan has great support at GPS Canada in Calgary and Prairie Geomatics in Manitoba for warrany work if needed I have owned a Magellan Platinium also for about a year, Magellan has worked great for my engineering/surveying at work and geo-caching on the weekends. Canadian tire is now selling new units from $175 to $500. EBay is a good source for used stuff but don't pay more than 30 cents on the dollar I checked in regina at FAE , no rentals around they say
  20. go to www.geocacher-u.com/resources/paperless.html for a link for your question the same directions applies to your PDA, I own a Handspring Visor and it works great on mine
  21. Sorry, that was Google Earth Plus software not Pro(don't spend $200.00!!!)that you can use for import
  22. Google Earth Pro allows import of waypoints right into Google Earth you have to pay $20 but I think it is well worth it after you import your waypoints, turn on the terrain feature in Google Earth for a 3D view of the your hike. it is very cool!!! remember to turn your angle of the the ground surface in Google earth and you wiil seea 3d viewing of your hike enjoy
  23. does anyone import UTM coordinates using Expert GPS when I import a typical txt file like 534618,5584677,13 GC1452 I can't creat a waypoint in Expert GPS?? any ideas
  24. and also looking for any accessories ie:external antenna and a car vent-style GPS holder, bicycle/snowmobile mount holder for a Magellan Platinium also at good prices to assist you in your spring cleanup of your " GPS garage". I have all the cables needed for download and cig charger
  25. Does anyone have some used MapSend software for my Magellan Platinium for sale at reasonable price??
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