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Hi I'm LindaLu and I've logged ~most~ of my DNF's (hey, I'm human, sometimes my pride gets in the way...)


Here's a two-part question for you all: Have you ever given up on a cache, and how many DNFs did it take for you to get to that point?

This cache is one I gave up on after two tries. It is not a very interesting area and I don't really care to return again. Both DNFs are logged.

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Hi. I'm GO West. It's been 2 days since my last DNF. What color geo-token do I get for that milestone?


LindaLu, I've given up on several Heinous hides. This one after three tries, driving very far out of my way each time to search. I never logged a DNF! Oh, what a relief to finally admit that!

Ahh yes the great Heinous hide! That was one of the first few caches I went looking for. Boy, did I ever learn quickly about what containers can and cannot be. That one took me 3 or 4 tries before I finally found it. Gig Harbor has plenty of evil hides.


This one Green Light ath the Tides haunted me for 199 days and many many hours of searching. I looged plenty of DNF's and notes on that one. hehehe!

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Hey sept1c that second link returns all of my links not yours.

Somewhat off-topic but.... I don't think you can see someone else's DNF list. Maybe a new feature request?


But you can see your own DNF logs with the URL that Sept1c_Tank tried to post:




I tried to post the links here but the website changes the &lt characters into the "less than" character like in Sept1c_tanks's posted link


S=1 means caches

S=2 means travel bugs

S=3 means benchmarks.


For cache log types (lt)


lt=1 means show found logs

lt=3 means show DNF logs

lt=4 means show notes

lt=5 means show archive logs

lt=7 means show needs archive logs

lt=9 means show will attend event

lt=10 means show attended event logs

lt=11 means show webcam picture taken logs

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Actually, I was trying to link to the list of my own DNFs...Kinda interesting that the url to mine takes everyone to their own...


You probably know how I feel about DNFs. I think those stats should be available for anyone. Marcus, I'm sure you have a lot more integrity around here than me. Why don't you lobby for that feature request? :D:blink:

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When they upgraded the web site about a year and a half ago we lost the ability to see another cacher's logs on a single page(s).


Remember that? There was an outcry when it went away. I loved that feature, you could easily see what your buddies were up to with a single click.


Now you can only see the caches that another user has found, and then to read thier log entry you have to open every cache page and search for it.


When the new site first came out I seem to recall an abuse that could occur by being able to read a certain type of log belonging to another user. I think they fixed that by not letting you see any logs for another that don't show up on the cache page.


Jeremy are you lurking?


Sorry, now back to your regularly scheduled programing.........

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Wow. 61 posted DNFs. I didn't realize the level of my ineptness. Probably another 10-15 that I didn't post.


But my very first log was a DNF. It turned into my 2nd actual find.

My name is Bonch. My wife calls me "Two Time Trev" but not for the reason she and I want. I am incapable of finding any cache on my first try. Usually I'll get it on the second or third. I don't log all my DNF's. If you want to know how many I have, just assume that each find began with a DNF. If I go back another 4 or 5 times, as I have with several of PDXMM's caches, I log a DNF. Or if a cache draws blood.

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