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Your Experience W/topo Software...


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I am trying to decide on which TOPO software to get.

I have been using DeLorme TOPO 3.0, checked out from local

library. I like the 3D aspect, but the learning curve with

their nomenclature is crazy. I am considering the purchase

of the ver.5.0, but from reading on the DeLorme forums there

are many complaints about accuracy w/5.0 data.


I have looked at the NatGeo. stuff, but no way to try it.

No 3D capability there.


Would appreciate any thoughts/comments/recommendations on

any and all TOPO softwares.


Thanks! pepperblues

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Try the Trimble Adventure Planner. You can buy it on Amazon.com. It has topo maps, street maps, and aerial photos that cover the entire US. I've used Trimble and National Geo and having maps for the entire US is very nice. Trimble is less expensive than National Geo and it can import .loc and .gpx files download from geocaching.com

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I like the National Geographic state series TOPO, these are scanned USGS topo 7.5 min. maps, you cannot get a better detail than that. As far as 3D, while I have seed 3D maps I have not realy seen a need for myself. You can view the National Geographic map with shaded relief and you can plot a route and get a profile of the route. You can get National Geographic back roads that cover the entire US but these topo maps are not as detailed (these are 15min maps)

I have used Delorme and Map tec as wels as a few others, but I have not tried Trimble.

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i like my delorme 5.0. the gps tracking is always dead on while on highways and pretty close to 100% on local/rural roads. There was a discount code floating around here a few months ago for 40% off. If its not active any more, I just got a coupon code in the mail last week i can post

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You might want to give Topofusion a look (www.topofusion.com) - there is a free trial to download and try out.


It does have support for 3d visualizations and such - however, you have to spend a few minutes to gather up some DEM data from the usgs. They spell it out pretty clearly on their site here : http://www.topofusion.com/3d.php


I have not tried it out yet, but from the examples they show, 3d-ing with tf looks amazing!


Its great great great software. Good peoples too.


Give it a look!


Edit: oh yeah, i just wanted to agree with everyone that the NG Topo series of stuff does indeed have the nicest quality topos!

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johnnyvegas and lakedawgs do you print out paper maps from the NG software or just view the maps on your computer?

It depends on the cache. First I view them on the computer to determine were to start my search from. If it looks like there might be more than one place to start from I will print out a map with all the waypoint displayed on the map, this includes points of entry for my search which I also down load into my GPS the GPS I am going to use.


If it's an urban cache there is no need for a Topo map.

Something else that comes in handy in the winter is the National Geogrpahic Adventure paper, when you print maps on this paper they are water proof so you do not have to worry about the ink running if your map gets wet. I have seen some micro logs printed on this paper.

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Just was playing with the 3d stuff in topofusion, thought maybe someone would want to see :yikes:




Just threw up a quick bike ride, its pretty friggin cool if you ask me! Apparently you can do the 3d elevation thing here with aerials as well....


Edit: that was easy (different bike ride this time though):


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I am by no means a computer expert, so my way may not be the easiest or the same for everyone!


Control Panel/Intel Extreme graphics/information tab/view report


I am using a Dell with a P4 processor. You may have a different graphics card. I think if you find the graphics icon under control panel you should be able to navigate to the information you need.



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NG TOPO! has come out with an expansion pack for $19.95 that includes 3-D imaging and USB connectivity, among other things.  I have ordered it but have not yet received it, so no comment on functionality at this time.


Klatch, thanks for the info.

I will be looking forward to your evaluation.


Thanks everyone for your input.

This is a very helpful discussion.


For the time, I am learning the TOPO. USA from

Delorme. Will down load the TOPOfusion next week.



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You can also transfer the maps to your Pocket PC to see your location while hiking  on the 24K maps in the PPC if you cable to your GPS.

I just received the NG software for palm and ppc's. It's awsome!

My problem is I own a Magellan Tracker and want to hook it up to my Zire 31. I know I've seen the cables but for the life of me, can't find them now. Even thought of making my own..but not quite sure of myself in that dept. Don't want to fry my equipment.

Any ideas? :laughing:

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