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  1. You need a waypoint manager. A waypoint manager is basically an application that will run on your computer that and load, manage, and export waypoints. Many people GSAK but there are other options as well. Since you're a premium member you can create pocket queries, which will give you a list of cache waypoints as well as all the additional waypoints associated with each cache. You can load the results into a waypoint manager, then send everything to your GPS. It's much more efficient then trying to send cache info from the website directly to your GPS one at a time. I have heard of GSAK, but it does not run on the Mac. Can you recommend a waypoint manager for the Mac?
  2. Thanks for all the responses. I will review the info in the help center also.
  3. Are they on the cache page as Additional Coordinates? They should be sent to the GPS if they are. Try looking under waypoints. Caches get sent as GC1234, waypoint (parking) should be PK1234 Yes, good call, looks like the two parking coordinates options were entered as "P" waypoints. But, there are no "GC" waypoints even though a geocache was entered. There is a "TH" waypoint that is close to the parking coordinate -- could that be the cache?
  4. That is something else that I considered, and a good excuse to buy another GPS! ;-) Does the Nuvi offer an alphanumeric screen for typing in coordinates, or do you scroll to each letter and hit "enter" like on the 62sc?
  5. I have been experimenting with the "send to GPS" feature with my Garmin 62 and premium membership and it is amazing to have the cache data download right into the GPS! I am wondering however how to handle the parking waypoints. They can be typed into the 62 by hand, but entering data like that letter by letter on the Garmin is pretty cumbersome. Driving directions could be written down or printed but that kind of negates the "paperless" system. So, I am looking for ideas. How do others handle this? You have loaded up your GPS and are setting out -- how do you figure out the driving/parking part? Thanks!
  6. ubievol

    450t vs. 62st

    Touch screen is the main factor. Try to audition both. Cabelas has great pricing on the 450.
  7. Having gone through a similar evaluation, I concur that it really boils down to touch screen vs buttons as the main factor. Try to audition both.
  8. Oops -- I just re-checked pricing. Somehow I thought the 62s was close to $200 but I must have misread -- the 450 is $175 and the 62s is $350.
  9. Lieblweb and Bamboozle, what about entering text on the 62? Is it a non issue because you make notes on another device or it just does not bother you or ...... ? This discussion is really helping me understand differences that I can't see at REI (plus they are out of stock), and I appreciate everyone's comments.
  10. well i guess yet another option would be to enter short notes in a log book of some kind, or into the smartphone, instead of directly into the GPS with plans to final edit later. text entry aside, any other features that stand out on one unit over the other? scrolling? map detail? screen legibility? more intuitive usability? thanks again
  11. So would you say that the touch screen is not really that useful?
  12. Both units have some attractive pricing right now. The touch screen of the 450 seems like it would be very convenient as typing in data would be much easier than the button input of the 62 But An online review picks the 62s as having the best reception. From experienced users, which to choose and why? Primary use would be geocaching. Thanks for the help!
  13. pete, great info! what is your recommendation on a charger for the eneloops? thanks
  14. is add-on software necessary for the Oregon to do the road navigation?
  15. ubievol

    Comparing units

    PN30 and Oregon -- does either have a jack to attach an external antenna?
  16. KOP could you elaborate a little more on what is required for this (phone features/type/model, Verizon plan/package, etc.)? my wife is interested in our getting a "mifi" but i saw that instead of $60/mo for that there is the option of using a phone as a modem for what looks like $15/mo for the same amount of data (5GB). my thought was, "if that could work with an iPod Touch, it would be almost like having an iPhone but with Verizon instead of ATT." thanks!
  17. sounds like an interesting option as the ipod touch is a neat device. any idea when your evaluation will start?
  18. ubievol

    REI Sale

    this sounds like a real advantage. i am curious -- can this be done with the free maps from gpsfiledepot, and can this be done with the delorme maps and PN series? Using Mapsource--a part of the DVD, you can view all your free maps that work with Garmin. Geocaches appear on the PC-based maps and you can right click anywhere to find near caches via automatic hook-up to geocaching.com. so you are saying that with the 300, you have to buy the DVD to have this same feature using the free gpsfiledepot maps?
  19. ubievol

    REI Sale

    this sounds like a real advantage. i am curious -- can this be done with the free maps from gpsfiledepot, and can this be done with the delorme maps and PN series?
  20. i did not see this addressed in the links so thought i'd ask ... has anyone done a comparison of the reception/sensitivity of these two units? if so, does either perform significantly better under suboptimal conditions (tree cover, etc.) or is it a wash?
  21. does that apply to the PN30 also?
  22. this is great -- a classic example of having an observation, and then trying to figure out what it means. like global warming
  23. ubievol

    Delorme PN-40 $269

    Wonderful...since we are finally getting some sunshine Yep, I love it here and I agree...nice to see some local faces me, three! WNC is wonderful! Burnsville makes me think of the great food at the NuWay Inn. but now i'm really getting OT.
  24. ubievol

    Delorme PN-40 $269

    peterb i hope that you will follow up with your experience with topo 8. hopefully the slope won't be as steep. RR when you say that it took you several days to do the state of Michigan, do you mean 3 or 4 8 hour days i.e. 24-32 hours total, or an hour here and there over several days i.e. 5-6 hours or so? and to the "other" RR, how are things way up there in Burnsville?
  25. ubievol

    Delorme PN-40 $269

    Roger that, Amazon.com and scroll down: http://www.amazon.com/Delorme-AE-7985-201-...8014&sr=8-1 From DeLorme site, click here and then some more: http://shop.delorme.com/OA_HTML/DELibeCCtd...28705§ion=10463 DeLorme link didn't work, but there are a lot of good shots and other info on Amazon. which turns out to be good news, bad news from my standpoint. the good news is to hear that the PN-40 has two critical features that i covet: sensitivity and speed. more good news is that there are included pre-cut maps (somehow i missed this) that reportedly have great detail. and if one wants to go beyond there are more options for 1:24k topo, aerial, etc. the bad news is that two engineers reviewed the unit on amazon, and report a steep learning curve with the software and some related issues. i'll probably hold for a while to see how cache register and topo 8 play out. and to see the PN-30. now, off to the wiki i go ...
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