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  1. Hej, This sollution works fine...bud.... i installed about a 1000 caches on my sd this morning, oke this afternoon i switched on the gps and i a looked att my downloaded caches and there where only 4 of them left,,the others has disapeared!! So i connected the gps to my pc and they where still on my sd ( Default GSAK Data File 5.84 MB that was all what was in the map),bud not visible on my gps,how is that possible. Do i mis something...? Did i something wrong? I have installed the latest firmware . If your unit is set to look for "nearest caches" most of your downloaded caches may be out of the search radius. Try search by name and see if the all show up.
  2. Must not have worked out for the OP. 14 caches found, the last three years ago.
  3. Upon reading for comprehension, I agree.
  4. I wonder if some cachers keep found caches "in reserve" to keep a streak alive for when they are unable to get out for a find on a particular day.
  5. I should have specified: PA State game Lands.
  6. Between November 15 and December 15 there is more to the regulation than merely wearing fluorescent orange on Game Lands. I read it to mean only licensed hunters and trappers who are engaged in hunting or trapping are permitted between these dates. Link
  7. Batteries won't be a problem for a day of geocaching. I appear to be getting about 10 hours on my Nexus 7. My unit will not be going in the woods, however! That's for a real GPS.
  8. Don't forget two deep leadership. Protect yourself!
  9. Check the calendar page for that day when you get home.
  10. - weird double post thingey... We temp disable our hides in game lands during the very busy rifle deer season and remind people to have a blaze vest (a requirement) when hiking/caching during other seasons. - But a bell ringing as you're walking in the woods here will probably get you fined (or worse) for harassing the hunters. Our Game Commission owned game lands are funded by hunters and leasing oil & timber rights, not by tax dollars. We are guests there. Many hunters have a bell on their bird dog when hunting fields though. Very good post. In the past I've seen posts that seem to indicate the hunters are somehow interfering with our game. In PA the Game Lands are one large category of public land which has no fee or permit system attached for geocaching. As Cerberus1 stated, these large parcels of land are NOT purchased with tax dollars and most people in the state have had no part in paying for the purchase of them. In spite of that, most of them are open to the public for activities such as hiking, horse back riding, mountain biking and geocaching. I have seen some posted against bikes and horses due to damage to the trail systems. So, if you're geocaching in PA, give the hunters a break and do your Game Land hunting on Sundays during the main rifle deer season.
  11. MtnShasta is correct. The 60CSX cannot read .gpx files from the memory card, only from internal memory. Use Mapsource, Basecamp or EasyGPS to transfer the files to internal memory.
  12. I sent in my 76CSX with the SiRF chip and the (different) one that came back had the SiRF chip.
  13. I had the same experience with all of those examples. Except after the first one I knew what I was looking for and chose not to look for it.
  14. The cache owner deserves your thanks, nothing in your log was his/her fault.
  15. You beat me to this point. Often overlooked by barefooters, but real.
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