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  1. Considering the $6k in guitars and $4K in bikes..... this GPS hobby is pretty cheap. Just another computer to go on the bike w/me. pepperblues
  2. There seems to be more votes for the bike odm. I have used both the set calibration number for my bike odm and used the dynamic wheel rotation distance to calibrate. Not a big difference. I'm going to accept the bike odm, and just get on with riding. { ;-)))) As with most things in life, none of this is an exact science. As to GPS speed calculation and car speedometer, on my Honda Civic, they both report the exact same speed. Thanks for your thoughts/comments. pepperblues
  3. OK.....so.....everyone give me your best SWAG (this is not trade goods reference) as to which "gadget" is closest to being correct. Thanks! pepperblues
  4. I have been using my GPS on my bike rides. I wanted to use the tracks to calibrate my bike odometer.... When I down load the track to my map software and compare it to the odm reading on the GPS they are different. ...and ofcourse the bike odm does not match. Thoughts/comments appreciated. pepperblues
  5. I have a MGold GPS. I want to have auto tracking turned on, for a detail set of waypoints to be downloaded to DeLorme mapping software. Yesterday, I set auto tracking on.....then at points along the trail I created some custom waypoints, as specific reference points. When I got home and downloaded, all I had were the custom points. How do I get auto tracking points and custom waypoints? If I add a custom point, does it kill the tracking feature? Thanks! pepperblues
  6. Where did you come by this info? I have checked Magellan's site and didn't see anything about it. Thanks! pepperblues
  7. I'll throw in my $.02 for the Gold. I've had mine for a couple months now, and am very pleased. The memory capability makes this a winner over anything else. It came /w a 16M card and I have yet to fill it up. You might check out The GPS Store on the net. I got a package deal w/software. They have very good prices. pepperblues
  8. Klatch, thanks for the info. I will be looking forward to your evaluation. Thanks everyone for your input. This is a very helpful discussion. For the time, I am learning the TOPO. USA from Delorme. Will down load the TOPOfusion next week. pepperblues
  9. I am trying to decide on which TOPO software to get. I have been using DeLorme TOPO 3.0, checked out from local library. I like the 3D aspect, but the learning curve with their nomenclature is crazy. I am considering the purchase of the ver.5.0, but from reading on the DeLorme forums there are many complaints about accuracy w/5.0 data. I have looked at the NatGeo. stuff, but no way to try it. No 3D capability there. Would appreciate any thoughts/comments/recommendations on any and all TOPO softwares. Thanks! pepperblues
  10. Never fails, as soon as I buy it, it turns up cheaper somewhere else.....such is life. This is a great case. I use it w/MGold. It also has a neat little foldaway rain cover. Great little pocket on the front for compass. Sweat deal! for you. pepperblues
  11. In my newbie option, as I climb the steep, learning curve of GPS, I am finding that the flexibility of the MGold memory is really nice. My final two choices were the same you are looking at and I went for the memory card. VERY glad I did. YMMV pepperblues
  12. How do I use the numbers for the satallites on my GPS, to know the names listed at the 3D site? pepperblues
  13. If you have NG TOPO software and create routes/waypoints...etc.... how do you then load those into a MGold? I'm finding Mapsend is not very accurate. Thanks! pepperblues
  14. This is so true and great advise, IMHNO. I narrowed my choices to 3. I did not like the feel of or menu setup on Garmin's. I thought the feel of and menu setup on Magellan's was just the way it should be. So far, I couldn't be more please w/MGold I purchased. I feel like I have a good start up that steep learning curve.... and found a new escape from daily stresses. Addiction??? What addiction......this is therapy. pepperblues
  15. Midnight, I had just received my auto mount, when you posted about the phone holder. I really like the windshield mount. I also got the power cord for the cig. connection....which means I can use my MGold w/the back light when driving at night and not drain my batteries. Very cool! These are just amazing tools/toys. I'm really having fun w/this. pepperblues
  16. Just curious.....what data from a GPS would you present in this defense? pepperblues
  17. Thanks for the replies. Just the info I needed. Makes things much easier. pepperblues
  18. pepperblues

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    Is there a way to have new posts always show at the top instead of having to scroll through all the posts? Thanks! pepperblues
  19. My tag is not really a name....it is a kind of music. I play fingerstyle country blues on acoustic guitar. 4 years ago I got a lab puppy that we named Pepper. She was the puppy from hell. I discovered the only thing that would calm her down was when I played my guitar. She lays down and goes to sleep......so, it became the pepperblues. pepperblues
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