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Glm Breaks 1000!!!

Gaiter Man

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Congrats to the third NoVA cacher to reach 1000!


4 figures, what an accomplishment.

Thanks Scott!


I must apologize for not contacting you to "hide" a cache for my 1000th. But when I saw Mumma Ford Bridge Cache, ...well...it had my name on it. Literally!!! I couldn't resist. If I now forget the name of my 1000th find, then I'll probably not remember who I am either.


To others, thanks for the kind words. Yes, bad day at work does = caching after work! ha ha ha <_< It's better to go home and greet the wife with a smile after finding a cache then it is to go in grumbling.


I can tell you this much, once you get a high number under your belt you feel you have seen it all,.....then someone really throws a curve ball at you and you see something new! Some have been rated hard and they were easy. Some were rated easy and I made them hard. Bottom line, ALL have been fun and intersting! I have met a lot of really nice people and hope to meet many more.



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Congrats! Not sure if this is an old link <_< His stats show he has almost 1500 now!

What was the link?


Maybe I have been caching in my sleep and don't realize it?


Hmmm, Sleep Walk Caching. Sounds interesting, but I don't remember any of it. :)



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