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Who Owns An A4 Laminator?

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I purchased a cheapo A4 laminator (manufacturer is Feljowes) from one of the big stores in Glasgow...it was on sale and I got the last one! I was hoping to use it for laminating some of my Geocaching sheets and cards!


However, the box had been opened and someone light fingered person had lifted the instruction sheet and the free Starter Kit! (Jings Glasgow...what did I expect eh?)


Of course being a trusting idiot I never checked it out before leaving the store and the store will only refund my money as they have sold out of this item. Seeing that the cost was only £14.99 I decided to keep it in case I don't get the opportunity to get one as cheap in the future!


So can anyone give me some pointers on how to use this thing?

What do I need to buy and can I laminate smaller sized items than A4?

Any advice will be gratefully received :mad:




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Thanks Stuey :mad:


I should be able to work out what to do from that link :D

The model I have is not listed... however the GXL 95 looks similar enough to give me all the info I need!


And also thanks Phillimore Clan for the offer but I think the link from Stuey will do the business :D


Any advice on where to buy these laminating pouches?




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Staples do the laminating pouches at quite reasonable prices.


Before using your laminator ensure you know whether you have to use a carrier or not. A carrier looks like two pieces of cardboard joined at the top. You put your pouch with whatever you are laminating in between the card and run it through the machine.


Some laminators you have to use carriers/some you dont. The carriers usually come with the pouches. You can reuse them many times before replacing.


Hope this helps. :mad:

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You know The Molinnis Crew...I haven't a clue whether I need to use a carrier or not....I will need to find out ... so thanks for the pointer :mad:

I will do a Google on Staples to check out their prices! Most of my scanner, laser and inkjet paper I get from Viking-Direct...but they are not always the cheapest...though to be fair they are very good at delivery and quality of goods!


Thanks Mancunian Pyrocacher.... there is a Stationary Box shop in Union Street Glasgow so I will pop in there and get what I need! Also, of course we have Woolworths and WH Smith not all that far away from it :D



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viking direct are cheap but be careful. I just got an invoice off them for a office chair I'd never ordered. Turned out some woman from devon with the same surname had ordered it, hadn't got an account so they decided to stick it on my account as her surname was the same as mine!

so now I know her name, address and phone number and she probably knows mine - data protection act anyone?

and they wondered why I wanted to close my account with them.

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Would that be big jim store doon the barra's by ony chance???


:D It's been a wee while since I last paid a visit to the Barra's TT :D


I remember having to move all my valuables into my jacket inside pocket to avoid them being lifted (and sometimes even that wasn't enough to protect them) as I squeezed through the crowds moving between the stalls....something tells me it won't have improved much in the intervening years :D:D



P.S. I forgot to add the 'big store' was MAKRO.

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I have had similar fun with Viking, and a few other companies. Their database is clearly keyed on Postcode. The first person to order from that postcode gets the account. Anybody else orders from the same postcode, invoice goes to account holder.


Nice to see what other people are ordering. But I'm fed up being a free postman.

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I have the cheapy on- button Fellowes too. Mine cost £9.99. I have successfully done buisiness card sizxed pouches with it. It's a bit scary when they go in the machine before they pop out again, but so far so good.


The 'destructions' don't say much. Basically turn it on and let it heat up. I tend to leave it a bit longer than it takes for the light to light up/go out (cannot recall what it does) but apart from that. No carrier required.


The cheapest place I have found so far for pouches is:



Standard discalimers, but I had no probs with my one order so far. The laminator thus far has coped with these pouches and not gone up in smoke and flames, so I reckon they are probably okay :anitongue:

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I think that the cheapy laminators don't cope with such thick pouches as the deluxe expensive varieties. I had probably chucked the 'destructions' by now, but there are some figures written on my laminator, which I could look at when I get home.


I think that the pouches are rated in half their finished thickness (ie 125 micron (think it's micron) laminates up to 250, 75 becomes 150 etc). I have had success with both of these. I like the 125 ones because the finished article is stiff enough to be nice to handle, but the thinner one would be better for cache logs, etc that you might like to fold.


I bought credit card sized pouches, but I think that in future I would just use an A4 puche and either lay cards in it then laminate and cut it up, or laminate as A4 and then guillotine it up later. The later seems to hold together nicely (I was worried about splitting but this doesn not seem to be a problem) but in a damp cache water would seep in to the sides.


Hope this helps


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I looked at my laminator and it has 3 lights each one labelled with a micron thickness of pouch (75, 150, 250). In other words, you have to leave it to heat up long enough to work with different thicknesses (as the lights light in turn), but as I previously said, I just turn it on and leave it alone for a while (and all lights are then lit up) and away we go.


If you do leave it unattended, beware of safety concerns for kids, dogs, etc. I tend to do my laminating on the kitchen worktop as it's clean, level, heat proof and away from drunken geocacher trip hazards! :)


using the thing on the floor next to the PC is VERY good for incorporating fluff and pet hairs into your finished laminations. :)

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