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Pinecone Caches?

Agent N.
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It doesn't have to look exactly like a pine cone for it to disappear on the forest floor. In fact, I think a mis-shaped pinecone cache like you made is perfect. Nobody but a cacher would ever find it and it will still be very hard to find while being just different enough that a cacher's eye will pick up on it.

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I just set one out, Emerald Nuts, in the Bay area. I have tried a few, and learned by many mistakes. Currently I get a green pine cone, cut off the top, and then carefully drill out with a 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 in bit. I do stop often to check how further I can drill, and have had a few break up on me.


Try different cones as well, One cone that I found was very big, and when I drilled the hole, it was more mushy and stringy. That is OK, I just take a side snippers, and cut it out by hand, and pull out all the pine nuts I find. After a bit of drying, I then restuff the insides with wood putty, and redrill and sand it out.


I also have put a magnet in the top and bottom of the cone to hold the top in place. I use 2 chains, 1 to connect the top to the bottom, and 1 to hold the cone from the bottom. I was guessing that suspending from the top would not hold in a strong wind.




A bit of paint, and cover with dull overcoat, and add a 35mm film can, or an empty pill bottle with a geocache note inside.



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I was out caching today and found several cool items to make a micro out of.


Looks like some branches had fallen off and the core had rotted out, leaving the

bark intact. Some of the core was still in and I'd like to keep it in.


Can anyone suggest some kind of clear-drying fluid that I could pour in the

rotting core so that it's stay inside?



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can someone tell me how to make a good cache that looks just like a pine cone? I tried cuting them in half but they fell apart I tried pulling all the little pine things and glueing them to a film can but it looks like this


I did one. The container went missing recently but here's what I did. I started with large open pine cones that I found when I was in Monterey, CA. I thinned some wood glue from the hardware store and coated the whole thing in glue. I let it dry and then recoated it again.


Then I drilled it out with progressively larger bits until I could fit a 35mm film container inside. Using the same mixture from above, I did two coats in the hole I drilled and then inserted the film container. The glue held all the parts together.


Finally I did a very light caot of brown ultra flat paint to take the shine off the glue and add a little water proofing.



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Here's one I made. I got one of those industrial-sized Carolina Cones, clipped out some of the pins on one side, and glued in a film container. I just set it cache side down. The only problem is people often find it only by stepping on it. I've got some DNFs from pretty experienced cachers.



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