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  1. Now that they are running Garmin software on Android I wonder what the chances of seeing a Play store version will be. I know there are pros and cons to Garmin doing this but imagine the possibilities if they did open it up for phones instead of dedicated Garmin hardware.
  2. I had it on my motorcycle and it went with the bike when I sold it (F800gs) last year.
  3. For all of those with the 650 models, what do you think of the unit? Mine is on it's way here but I'm concerned about the lockups being reported. Was it worth the price you paid or if you had to do it over again would you wait for something else? My Montana would sometimes lock up with a white screen when turning it off. Only a battery pull would get the unit back. It was very annoying and would happen at random but other than that the Montana 650t was pretty solid but it was sold so I need something new. I'm just curious if you guys think the Oregon 650t is worth the $550 price tag.
  4. Just got a shipping notice from LL Bean on the 650T ordered in March. Looks like that model is finally in the wild.
  5. What is the Monterre? I can't find anything abou it.
  6. hmm weird, I ordered mine on 2/19 and I haven't received any emails since then. When I pull up my order it says "Available on 03/31/2013 (details) If this ship date is acceptable, no action is required." It might be that they have sold out of pre-orders and aren't expecting more until May. Let's hope that's the case as I want to see some reviews before mine ships. Thanks for the cancellation warnings. I'll keep a eye out for any e-mails.
  7. Hey everybody. Those of you that are wanting to pre-order the Oregon, LLBean has the 650T up on their web site. I just saw the "SPRING10" coupon code that takes 10% off the entire order. I just did a pre-order for $494.10 shipped. It's not going to be available until May but saving fifty bucks is worth a mention. Sale shows good until the 25th. Cheers, Robert
  8. Crap. I shouldn't have said anything. LL Bean is now showing "Avail. May 12 " for the 650T.
  9. That's where I'm ordering mine from (LLB). At least it's not being pushed to May.
  10. There were no menu settings on mine to program, only read. I wonder if that was added in a firmware update after I sold it. Looked at the changelog for the firmware and don't see anything. I probably just missed something. back to the Oregon topic...
  11. apparently it can Chirp Oh man! Can't wait to get this thing!
  12. This might be a little premature but does anyone know if the 600 series can PROGRAM Chirp devices? I bought a Montana 650T for use as a handheld plus motorcycle GPS but was really bummed that I could only read Chirp but not program the little buggers. I've since sold the motorcycle and Montana (and have the 60CSx up for sale in the garage). The new Oregon's have me cheering but it would be a shame if the $550 device couldn't program Chirp. It's not a dealbreaker though.
  13. Putting my trusty 60CSx up for sale so I can upgrade to one of the Oregon units when they come out. The GPS is in great condition. Screen has a protector cut from a pda screen protector since day one. The belt clip is well worn but works fine. It comes with a 64mb sd card but can be expanded. I would like to get $200 shipped to the lower US. If your interested please send me a PM or reply via the thread. I can also be reached using my screen name at gmail.com Comes with the box, usb cable, belt clip, wrist strap, two eneloop batteries
  14. Going over to REI in a few to pick one up. I was hoping to see more cache reviews with this watch but will go ahead and buy first. EDIT: So far I have found the following. Fenix is not compatible with the BC-1000 scale. No footpod support. CHIRP is read only so the unit I got that is still in the clamshell cannot be programmed by the watch. Not much time to do anything else but will try to do a cache soon.
  15. Wonder what the going rate for a used 60csx is. I've had mine since it came out and to be honest it has been the most rock solid unit out of three other Garmin models I've had. Just sold my Montana 650t (w/ my motorcycle) and am glad to see it go. I like the 62 series but am not a fan of the display. The demo unit's I've played with all appear to have a fuzzy looking display. I'd love to so AMOLED in these someday.
  16. Anyone having a problem with waypoints showing up? My waypoints and geocaches are both missing when searching on the gps but basecamp shows them when the Montana is plugged in. This happened just after upgrading to 2.60 grrr Edit: Okay after mounting/unmounting a few times both waypoints and caches are back. Not sure what the problem was.
  17. Here are my observations after using for a couple of hours. I'm coming from a Nuvi 780 and 60CSx so still getting used to the menu system. Unit shipped with 2.20. I upgraded to 2.40 before doing anything else. Calibrating compass - fails on third step like others have reports Putting into car mount with unit turned off turns the unit on. Turning off the ignition and not hitting any buttons results in the device turning off and staying off when car is turned back on (one time resulted in a blank white screen). Turning the unit off when prompted results in the unit turning back on when car is started again. I'm assuming this isn't the way it is supposed to work. My nuvi turns on and off when I expect it to without human intervention when turning the car on or off. Battery door tends to move a little when holding in hand. Not too bad but something worth noting. No squeaks that I have heard. Screen is very readable in car and outside. I huge improvement over the 60CSx. GPS lock is crazy fast. Very nice. I still have to get used to the menus but so far I'm really liking the unit. I haven't tried routing yet or doing any caches. Might do a cache tonight.
  18. Not at the moment. There is a hole for tethering but no accessories to connect to a backpack yet. The 60CSx belt clip works perfect on the front of backpack shoulder straps. I hope someone comes out with a Montana solution soon. So far I haven't seen anything.
  19. For me, it's more about the price than the size. I got mine for $607 which is near what I paid for the 60CSX way back when it first came out. Yeah, adding City Navigator, lifetime maps, and an auto mount is going to throw another $200 into the mix but if I use this one as long as I have used the 60CSX I'm okay with that price. If it were just used for caching then I might think otherwise but this puppy is going to be doing caching, auto, and motorcycle duty. It just better not suck. ;-)
  20. Any improvements w/ caching that you can tell so far? Mine is on it's way but won't be here until Monday. I also have the auto mount coming so bye bye Nuvi.
  21. A pda style screen protector should cut down on glare.
  22. Like Geoff said, there is enough information there for me to see those are my POIs but not enough to do anything with. I'll just start manually converting them back....
  23. Please excuse if this has been covered before. I tried different searches and didn't find anything. Long story short, I had to reload my OS and didn't (like a dummy) have my POI files backed up. I've installed 7.1 beta to my 60CSx and am able to put the unit into USB drive mode. Once into drive mode, I can access the Poi directory. It contains one file called poi.gpi. This file has all of the custom points of interests but it is binary or database format so not all of it is text. Does anyone know of a way to to take this .gpi file and get useful CSV, gpx, or some other human readable format out of it? I tried gpsbabel beta's POI conversion but doesn't work with gpi files. It converts 0 records. The alternative is to go through one at a time and write the information down from the gps's screen. I guess I could always take screen grabs too. Any help is appreciated. Robert
  24. I've got a ZX6E with RAM mount and 60CSx. No complaints here. I do have a ZG ST smoked windscreen so it does shield the gps screen from direct sunlight. On foot, however, I have no problems reading the screen in the sun.
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