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  1. I made a little Geo ID with my SN on it its simple to make too
  2. I was thinking that an AOL cd tin would make a good cache but its not waterproof... any ideas?
  3. Micros are harder too, so you may want to go for a big one
  4. we printed a map of the area, fallowed the GPS until around 50ft and looked for all the possable hiding places,and........ did not find it lol. I'am going to read all the logs (not just a few of them like last time) and try agian sometime soon
  5. thanks! I'am going to try for 2 tonight since they are only 2 to 7 miles away the next one is a 1/3.
  6. I got my GPS in the mail yesterday and am going caching tonight with my dad and brother its a 1/1 cache, any tips for my first time? please and thank you, Agent N.
  7. I can't find any that big to be able to drill a hole in it so a film can will fit
  8. what area were you in when you saw them?
  9. EWWW! how big was it? I would not go within 10 feet of that thing!
  10. not too perfect but this one is opening backwords lol (pine cones always open from the top to the bottom) I hope muggles wont see that lol
  11. how do we get the avatars under our sn? it wont let me get to the page ware you put it in please and thank you
  12. can someone tell me how to make a good cache that looks just like a pine cone? I tried cuting them in half but they fell apart I tried pulling all the little pine things and glueing them to a film can but it looks like this
  13. no, its incase your GPS dies, or there is a fork in the path and your GPs is pointing right in the middle, or if there is a big pit full of Gaint sloths you will want to mark it so you don't fall in!
  14. in Natchez there is only one troop that I know of the kids were just plan evil! you know they would never do anything they were told to and mess up the other kids crafts, start fights,make fun of everybody, and even use bad words sometimes
  15. thanks I got an eTrex of e-Bay for $57.03 so mods feel free to close this topic thanks everybody for your help! Agent N.
  16. darn! I was the high bidder for one on ebay then when 2 sec was left some little person out bid me by $1!
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