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Highest Density Of Cachers


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Just wondering where the highest density of cachers is in the USA. I've been traveling the coastal North-East for about 2 years while caching and i've seen some interesting trends in density of caches, but what about cachers? I've yet to meet another cacher on the trail, and would love to find out what it would take to meet one.

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I would think that the area with the highest density of caches would generally have the highest density of geocachers. But a lot of caches mean that the cacher seekers are spread out, so it may actually make it less likely that you'll run into someone else. So you might actually have better luck in areas where there are very few caches and few geocachers.


The best way to meet another geocacher is to go affter the cache the day, or the weekend after it was listed.

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I've met one person on the FTF quest.

All 4 or 5 others were complete accidents that I didn't expect because I was caching out of town.


If it wasn't for cache events and introducing people to the game I'd not know hardly anyone in caching.


Something to consider is that more cachers means more caches, so the odds of meeting a cacher would remain about constant because it averages out. Of coruse I'm making that up as I go, but it sure sounds reasonable. I do think the FTF rush is your best way to meet someone. Especially if you stake out the cache.


The thing that allways happens to me is following behind another cacher who logged the same string of caches earlier in the day. It's erie.

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If you want to meet another cacher on the trail, try going for one to be the FTF. That's when I generally run into other cachers. Usually at midnight. In a swamp.

funny ive never had you interupt me signing the log book. oh, there must be someone else who deos that too.


I have NEVER while doing a midnight FTF rush, and yes i have done them at 2am in the swamp, midnight on a 1.5mile each way hike in the woods, the 11pm walmart micro in the parking lot, seen ANYBODYthaat was caching. I did once though durring a blizzard like morning while standing in a half frozen irrigation canal looking for a metal tin with a clue in it.


Seeing cachers on the trail is a rarity for me. So Oregon is a low density i think.

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I have to admit that I've bought a geocaching hat that I pretty much only wear while caching just in case someone ins't looking at their GPSr suspiciously enough for me to notice. I also put a sticker on my old truck in case someone sees me in a parkinglot. No luck yet except for when I loaned my truck to a co-worker to jump start his car. We cache together often enough that we have rules about the travelbugs we find. So far, that's the only cacher I know that I didn't introduce to the sport myself. Waiting for that good CITO event that I can make it to with my crazy schedule!

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