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  1. Strange that all three waymarks you posted in your original post were posted in 2017 and 2016 how did they have visits prior to their posting?
  2. Strange how you got a log on a WAYMARK that early since the first waymark was not approved until 2005
  3. Have never met Bruce personally but many interactions through the years as a Waymarker. You will be missed Bruce. Our prayers and condolences to your family.
  4. Many brick raods in my town as well. Perhaps of some interest to the category is that many of the bricks used are marked by the manufacturer so age could be reasonably determined or at least the period could be defined.
  5. I just wanted to add my words of gratitude for all that you do for our community. If there are any particular categories that you need additional officers please let me know and I will join so I can be promoted to help. A lot of the categories I serve in are smaller and allow me to help out elsewhere.
  6. sorry I did not see it. well I guess that answers the question then.
  7. After a recent Waymarking vacation the wife and I got on the subject of taking the grandchildren on a zip adventure and we got to looking for something local. I was amazed at the number of offerings for this type of activity. While there can be a number of various components involved it seems to be a growing worldwide happening. While there could be a multitude of ways to go about this category I just wanted to gauge some general interest from the community at large. Has this been discussed before? I did not see anything in a forum search? I am enclosing a wikipedia link for a general idea of where the category might go. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventure_park
  8. Went on a Waymarking vacation for the last 4 days and used Chilehead's app many times when my self-developed database of of GSAK failed me or needed verification on what picture was required. Must admit the Chilehead app worked flawlessly. Thanks for a great app.
  9. Thanks Clan Riffster for the props we just dont go as often as we used to
  10. Thats not me! Reread the SN really careful. SwineFlew is correct. Fortunately, I double-checked this before pulling the fire alarm at the Lily Pad. I will still report the account that is impersonating SwineFlew. Thank you Keystone and My apologies to Swine Flew for the false accusation
  11. Now here is an interesting fact I found about SwineFlew it seems he is not the Pinnacle of Virtue he holds himself out to be here. He logged 2 virtual caches in 2010 with an owner who at the time had not logged in since 2009 and still has not logged in and guess what no archive requests are posted on those virts in his backyard. Yet he wants to come in here and pick on caches miles from his home and deny others of the privilege of finding virts. Perhaps if you were genuine you would asked for the 2 virtuals in your own backyard to be archived.But that would have raised the ire of your own community so you thought perhaps you would make your stand elsewhere so you would not have to face the locals. Be fair point out those offenders as well if you are on some quest to clean up Geocaching for the rest of us.
  12. Interesting to note that if you go to that members page and click on "view forum posts for this Member" the name it shows is "isitanywonder". Again another sock created today and if you go to his forum posts it links to SwineFIew still a sock for I believe Swine Flew
  13. I am sure someone took a sock name within one letter of yours and just happens to ask two caches in Florida be archived on the same day you stir up a hornets nest. If this not a sock puppet with your name and modus operandi written all over it I apologize. But it is really hard to smell a sock and not know it is a sock but not to worry Groundspeak can sort that out. I hope you are getting the attention you wanted.
  14. it seems as though he has a sock puppet account now by the name of Swine FIew here is a link to that account http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=6fa3058b-ae41-409c-9b23-6e5f9e0e697f He asked for two virtuals in Florida to be archived today. Who does this guy think he is anyhow?
  15. I looked at the version on besthides.com and that is an easy version compared to the one SoulBait has in Palatka. I know I have found it and opened it on more than one occasion. Even having opened it and knowing the secret it still takes me sometime to get in.
  16. St. Augustine Jump on NEFGA.com and lets us know what your travel plans are . we are the local caching group and I am sure we can find someone to set up ameet and greet and get out to cache with you. or drop me an meail through my profile. The Fed
  17. Yes Disney Security set up a player account and found and removed all caches from their property. Placing caches on Disney property is strictly vebotten.
  18. not really a web site persay but you can visit FloridaCaching web site orNEFGA and we both host local forums where you can hook up with other cachers ect. If you are looking for power runs or want to go caching with some great people post to the NEFGA site and when you maybe coming our way and I am sure we could hook something up for you.
  19. Last years event was a blast and this year will be even bigger. It is ICM's vision as well as NEFGA's for the is become a mega event within the next few years. We are looking to build the Premiere Caching Event in the Southeast. You can also visit the NEFGA HomePage for the current forums for the event and for those looking for teammates.
  20. While this debate rages on perhaps there is some middle ground that can be reached here. On the one side we have some of us deprived of our liberty to hide used food containers while on the other we have those who want to defend any cause currently running. Perhaps the best solution here would be a simple one and I am surprized the answer has yet to be raised. We simply ask Groundspeak to place a new attribute on the cache page to make people aware the container was used for food storage in the past. Then any allergy can be covered and no more possibilty for incident. It then places the responsibilty back on the cache seeker where it belongs in the first place in accordance with the guidelines.
  21. 7.5 miles one way after a missed turn on a multi-cache. The bigger challenge though was Tube Torcher 2 where we had to crawl over 3 miles depending on how many times you had to redo puzzles at the various stages now that is challenge.
  22. My vote is for Nolefan9399 as well, I was actually with him I believe twhen that shot was taken
  23. you may also try the NEFGA that is one of the areas we cover and we have a caching plans forum where we try to hook up with others to cache together.
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