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Covered Bridges


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As if I don't have enough hobbies, I've taken up one more! I would like to visit all the covered bridges in Pennsylvania. It's a big dream! But I been upset more than once when I find out there is a cache in a bridge I've been too and I didn't know it. Am I allowed to ask people if they would let me know if they know of caches in or around covered bridges? Is this allowed????

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Wow, there are over 200 covered bridges in PA. Washigton and Greene counties in southwestern PA have their fair share of'em.


Check out this link for Greene County Bridges...


This includes information for the Covered Bridge Festival, which you might wanna check out...


Check out this link for a detailed map of Washington County that has all the bridges listed...



Have fun, and happy caching!

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THANK YOU ALL! You have given me some great ideas! (As if I don't have enough of my own! Just ask the other half! On second thought don't, I'm afraid what he might say!)


IV Warrior - Did the Perry County #4 already, but thanks a ton for the other two!


Team Demp - Didn't realize I could do that search thingy! Have done some of them but picked up a few more! Thanks (P.S. - Are you trying to get me divorced? Now I know there are more covered bridges in other states! Where will it all end!!!!!!)( How do you spell addiction? Geocaching!)


DeskJockey - Thanks for the maps of Greene and Washington Countys. I'll have to check and see if other countys have this on their web page! Oh, no, not another idea!


Quest Master - I don't know this book but will check it out, Thanks!


Miss Jenn and Alan2 - Thanks, have checked out all of Alan2 caches and have already done all of Bucks County. You missed one, or is it 2? Do you know about the Boxed Pony Bridge???? The other half and I have done these together. We ran out of close virtuals and have now switched to covered bridges. It's our ritual to spend Sundays together.


retphoto - Thanks, I'll file this one in my to do folder!!!!! And believe it or not, when I was in high school and on a family vacation I crossed the longest covered bridge twice! It was long!


PSUPAUL - Found Rupert #56 last night and this is one of the reasons I made the post. I was there and didn't know about the cache. AARGH! I also messed up on the Perry County #4 cache. We decided at the last minute to go to Perry County (we were in the truck going for breakfast and decided to head that way) and when I got home went on the geocaching website and found this cache! Forunately my son had a motorcycle meet the following Sunday in the town of Blain, so we killed three birds with one stone! Watch the son trying to kill himself riding through the woods for 100 miles or so, picked up a 10th bridge we had missed and cache at the same time. Wow, multi-tasking!!!!!!


We have already visited well over 50! Only 270 some to go! (Ok, stop thinking about those other states! It will only drive you crazier than you are!)

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if you want to do the "bridges of Madison County" you're too late....


Some crazy burned it down a few years back....



AS for the World's longest Covered Bridge, I made a special trip to photograph it one year.... New Brunswick is really nice in the Fall!!!!

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Please don't forget the Covered Bridges of Sullivan County, NY.

Wow. Two plugs in the same Topic - by others! Like Miss Jenn, you're sweet, Bob, aha, I mean nice too. :P


My Sullivan County cache is a 4 bridge virtual. Great for rainy days but I got another in NY's Catskills about 10 miles north - Covered Bridge Tour of Ulster County Real pretty. 4 bridges, 35 road miles plus a 1 mile hike into Catskill park with a conventional container at the end,


About missing some bridges in Bucks and elsewhere, I could have. It's hard to cover them all plus some have been used as cache locations by others, so I skip those. Plus my wife starts to get bored with all that driving around collecting data and pictures especially since I'm driving 100+ miles just to get there.


Alan ^_^

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