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I Hate Stereograms!


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For years after these became popular I could never see them. Then one night while shooting pool and enjoying my fair share of adult beverages I went to the mens room for some relief. Above the urinal was a copy of the Sunday comics with a stereogram on it, right at eye level. I am just standing there paying no particular attention to anything when all of a sudden a huge 3d train was hovering above the urinal. Have not had a problem seeing them since. So for those of you who can't see them, try getting a few drinks in you first. :ph34r:

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Okay... I suck at trying to do this kind of stuff, and CR isn't here, try this:




Hope that works better!

Much better, thanks.


Looks like way too much work for me to produce one of these. I was hoping for an easy program where I could load a picture and turn it into a stereogram; guess you get what you are willing to work for, eh?


Thanks for all the links - I do love these pictures.

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The first time I saw a stereogram was in 1993. It was at a friend's house and nearly everyone could see it except for me. A couple of years later, at a local County Fair, they were selling a bunch of different ones. I looked at one and after a while I could finally make out the image. I then went down the line and my eyes were already adjusted so I could look at each one and see the hidden picture. So the two pictures above I saw within a couple of seconds. And Marky's puzzle cache, I was just staring at the numbers one day and I thought, no, it couldn't be. So I adjusted my eyes and saw the coordinates. Although I think his is a little harder to see than the "usual" stereograms. Now I just have to go out and find the actual cache!

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These are so cool. There is a site that explains exactly how it works with free software to make your own (not just using words). He has some outstanding examples, one even uses moving dots.


SIRDS link


Click on the steroegram page link to see one that looks 60 ft deep.

My hp printer can't print from DOS. Tried to make a stereogram from this program and it wouldn't print screen either. No use to me.

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Doh ! Just yesterday I had the "original" idea to use a stereogram to hide the coordinates of a cache, and now I see that many other great minds have been thinking alike.


In fact my idea was to have the stereogram printout in the first stage of a multi, rather than on the GC.com site. I hate setting puzzles for people to get their friends to solve before they set out...

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