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Benchmark Cache

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I just saw this thread on the general Forums.

Benchmark caches, what do you think?


How do you feel about this subject? If you feel this is wrong or inappropriate, please add your response on that thread to let the regular cachers know why.


I don't know how I would feel, if I went to find and log a mark, only to find a micro there. :)


Thank you for your time.



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I've often thought of combining benchmark hunting with geocaaching. Perhaps to log the benchmarks not listed with GC.com.


But as far as placing a cache in a covered mark, I don't know. I've seen some pretty nasty, spider-infested holes, and I wouldn't want to reach into them.


I think that the USGS (or whichever agency placed the mark) should be asked about this first.

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Something inside my head (a little birdie, or perhaps an echo from the emptiness?)says this is using a benchmark for the wrong thing, and may border on being illegal. In some ways leaving caches in public places without permission already might be illegal, although I am not sure what you would be charged with if you placed a cache in, say, a tree fork in a public park. Littering?

Maybe it is the invitation to multiple people to open the benchmark container that bothers me. The more people who open it, the more of a chance the container or mark are disturbed--even more so from people with no interest in or knowledge of benchmarks. I think most, if not all, of us here respect all the benchmarks we find and would go to great lengths to not disturb them. That would not be true of the general geocaching public.

I would be very surprised if NGS gave their permission to do this, or even if they could, as they are not the owners of many of these marks--they are the property of the setting agency, which ranges from USGS to CGS, to state and local agencies.

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I thought about that way back but dropped the idea.

I too think too many opening and closing or whatever is not what they were designed for,they are the property of the Gov. but think if one is interested they could look for it anyway.

I do have a couple of regular caches near benchmarks,Triangulation Stations though and the cache is offset from it a little.

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I have not seen this type of benchmark/cache. But, I was looking for some way to promote benchmark hunting in my area and did a cache search by keyword using "benchmark" and came up with a list of caches related to benchmarks. The two best ideas I saw were:

a) a state wide "find a benchmark and report it to the NGS" type cache. There are 3 or 4 caches of this type for different states.

:) Web-ling started a "Benchmark of the Month" cache where he picks a different benchmark each month and you have to visit it within the month to claim it. There are certainly lots of things that can make a benchmark "interesting" enough to be included in the Benchmark of the Month Club.


Both of these gets people out looking for benchmarks and I'd like to create a cache like one of them but I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

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Thanks fellow benchmark hunters, I knew you would have the best reasons for not starting this practice of hiding caches inside the cap style BM's.


Lots of great responses on the other thread that may have changed cachers minds.


We have referenced several BM's in our caches, but all have been just the brass marks set in concrete or rock...low risk of them being disturbed & it has started several cachers on the way to becoming part time benchmark hunters also.


Thanks again,



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Any Benchmark /Cache can be tastefully done without hurting anything We happen to have the right prefix here in Nashville


This would be a no-brainer for Ya‘ll, and I tried to do a benchmark as a virtual and it was not approved but using the numbers off of one in a multistage that did work……… JOE



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Just a thought,


You could attach one to the side of your porch/house close to your house #. A unique conversation marker. Or if you do not mind spending the bucks, somewhere on this forum I saw a link for having one made with whatever you want stamped on it....interesting....



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Repro benchmarks/reference marks?? That is like making repro coins. They should be required to plainly mark the image as a copy so nobody could mistake them for the real thing under any circumstances.


I can imagine somebody out searching while wearing a belt buckle made from one and getting arrested.



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From looking at the site, I don't think they send you a benchmark disk already cast with the USC&GS information on it. That information, along with what we are used to seeing field-stamped in the disk, such as designation and date, is also stamped as requested. So you are getting a completely blank disk stamped with whatever you want in it, not a repro.

That is not true of the repros of high points from www.mountainclimb.com, which are reportedly reproduced exactly like the disk that exists on the mountain. I almost got one of those when I visited (the bottom of) Mt Ranier, but they were out of stock. Too bad--there went a $35 sale!



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