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Can A Tb Be Mail To Another Geocacher?


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Could a TB be mailed to another geocacher to help with it's goal or does it have to be placed in another cache by the cacher who took it?


For example I have this TB and as you can see it has a big list of goal.


Would it be wrong to post and ask who could help with the list and then mail it to them or should I just move it to another cache?


How about if I find a Jeep TB, could I post that anyone that wants it over sea's email me and I will ship to you?


Just wondering.....

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We did a cache exchange with a cacher in Denmark. The cache we sent to him had a brand new Team Yatta TB in it. The one he sent to us had two new TB's that he owned. In that case, I think mailing it is okay.


But for everything else, I really think they should find another way to travel. It makes the adventure a whole lot more fun! :lol:

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As usual, ask the owner...


I think that specifically with "difficult" goals like oversea trips - this could help that a TB achieves its goal at all. I am not sure what the average TB lifetime is, but if a TB is going up and down the East Coast for months and still wants to go East - such an unconventional TB mail exchange might be its last chance.


This is not too different from the following practice: Imagine you are on a business trip in another country, but your schedule does not allow for any serious caching. However, you might be able to make contact with a local Cacher in advance and arrange for a safe TB exchange in the Hotel Lobby or at the Airport.


Nevertheless, it should probably be an exception and only used if it really helps with a TB’s goal.


BTW: If anybody needs the mailing-address of a TB Addicted Cacher in Germany, or a safe TB exchange at Hannover Airport, send me a message :lol:



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Could a TB be mailed to another geocacher to help with it's goal

Not my bug. I want it to move from cache to cache. Heck, if I wanted it to go there easier, I'd send it to the goal myself.


However, like it's been said in this thread too, some bug owners are fine with mailing. Better ask first.

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Travel bugs are meant to travel from cache to cache, not be mailed from cacher to cacher.

Wow.....that's pretty cut and dry. While I agree that TB's are to be moved via caches, I completely disagree with the idea that this is a hard and fast rule.


As the TB owner.....you can do whatever you wish with your TB. You can post new messages and goals on the page, you can ask someone to send it home or send it to someone else. It's yours and that makes you the master of your TB domain. Have fun with it.



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Travel bugs are meant to travel from cache to cache, not be mailed from cacher to cacher.

I totally disagree with that statement. Most of my 260+ bug trades have been at events. Cacher to cacher. Or between events with fellow bug hounds. I gave Mustard Devil 16 bugs to take to the Geo-Woodstock event just tonight. Cacher to cacher.


I now own 113 bugs. I would RATHER they go cacher to cacher than sit in a cache for months on end. They are called TRAVEL Bugs, NOT "Cache sitting bugs."


As for mailing a bug, if the bug owner is cool with it and it doesn't defy some race rule, (If it's in a race.) then really, who the heck cares?


Sn :o;) gans

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