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I Need Some Cache Pictures


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I'm looking for people who would be willing to donate a picture or two for a project I've been working on for the Geocacher-U site. I was going to just use my own pics, but I think yours are probably more interesting. The pictures will be part of a larger graphic used to illustrate some points about cache hiding.


Here's what I need:

1. A picture of a LARGE cache. Something in the area of a 25mm linked box or grenade box...or maybe even bigger (not ridiculously bigger)


2. A couple pictures of standard sized caches--ammo can or other other water-tight containers.


3. A picture of a well-camouflaged cache from a wooded area (fake stump, etc).


4. A picture of a really nice urban camo'ed cache.


5. A cache in a small clear-plastic rubbermaid type container.


6. micro cache - film canister, altoid strip container...whatever.


I don't want to infringe on anyone else's pictures, so please only send pics of your own caches. If you'd like me to link to the cache page for that particular container, please include it, I'd be happy to add it. I will do my best to give you proper credit (if you include that info in your submission).


I suppose you could post the pics here, but if you'd prefer, please email them to me at photos (AT) geocacher-u.com


Thanks for the help!



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Wow, you guys have all been very generous and provided me with a lot of excellent pictures. The project is almost done and I need just a few more shots.




1. An example of urban camo

2. An example of natural camo (fake stump/rock/etc)

3. A couple shots of plain ol' ammo cans (or is it Aaaahh Moe?)


These pictures need to be fairly clear and focused just on the containers.


I've been able to make use of several pictures submitted, but unfortunately not all of them worked.


Again, please only send me pictures of your own caches (especially with the camo pics).. I'd hate to give away someone's surprise.



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