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MarcB wrote:

Yeah I know it says that but it isn't really in the spirit of geocaching is it?

Sitting on your backside taking a screenshot is not my idea of a cache.

I agree that it's not in the spirit of geocaching, but I wouldn't call it cheating to log it. I didn't log it myself though when I did the simulation some months ago.

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MarcB wrote: Oh come on Snaik! That's cheating in the first degree


Address To The Unco Guid


My Son, these maxims make a rule,

An' lump them aye thegither;

The Rigid Righteous is a fool,

The Rigid Wise anither:

The cleanest corn that ere was dight

May hae some pyles o' caff in;

So ne'er a fellow-creature slight

For random fits o' daffin.


O ye wha are sae guid yoursel',

Sae pious and sae holy,

Ye've nought to do but mark and tell

Your neibours' fauts and folly!

Whase life is like a weel-gaun mill,

Supplied wi' store o' water;

The heaped happer's ebbing still,

An' still the clap plays clatter.


Hear me, ye venerable core,

As counsel for poor mortals

That frequent pass douce Wisdom's door

For glaikit Folly's portals:

I, for their thoughtless, careless sakes,

Would here propone defences-

Their donsie tricks, their black mistakes,

Their failings and mischances.


Ye see your state wi' theirs compared,

And shudder at the niffer;

But cast a moment's fair regard,

What maks the mighty differ;

Discount what scant occasion gave,

That purity ye pride in;

And (what's aft mair than a' the lave),

Your better art o' hidin.


Think, when your castigated pulse

Gies now and then a wallop!

What ragings must his veins convulse,

That still eternal gallop!

Wi' wind and tide fair i' your tail,

Right on ye scud your sea-way;

But in the teeth o' baith to sail,

It maks a unco lee-way.


See Social Life and Glee sit down,

All joyous and unthinking,

Till, quite transmugrified, they're grown

Debauchery and Drinking:

O would they stay to calculate

Th' eternal consequences;

Or your more dreaded hell to state,

Damnation of expenses!


Ye high, exalted, virtuous dames,

Tied up in godly laces,

Before ye gie poor Frailty names,

Suppose a change o' cases;

A dear-lov'd lad, convenience snug,

A treach'rous inclination-

But let me whisper i' your lug,

Ye're aiblins nae temptation.


Then gently scan your brother man,

Still gentler sister woman;

Tho' they may gang a kennin wrang,

To step aside is human:

One point must still be greatly dark, -

The moving Why they do it;

And just as lamely can ye mark,

How far perhaps they rue it.


Who made the heart, 'tis He alone

Decidedly can try us;

He knows each chord, its various tone,

Each spring, its various bias:

Then at the balance let's be mute,

We never can adjust it;

What's done we partly may compute,

But know not what's resisted

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I logged it,


It took me longer than most cache hunts, so in my book that counts. I also got a DNF on the first attempt, how realistic does it get? (PC Crash).


After all, the only stats I'm really that interested in are my UK stats anyway. (will somebody please hold seasider down while I get up to 1000 GC:UK finds)



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This was a few minutes of fun, I logged it for giggles, I really couldnt care if it counts to find numbers or not, I thought the mutant frogs were cool! The frogs and the suspicious looking mushrooms :o

I didnt see anyone else about when I was hunting it either :ph34r:

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I thought the mutant frogs were cool! The frogs and the suspicious looking mushrooms  :D

I didnt see anyone else about when I was hunting it either  :D

Errrm was that the mushrooms or the frogs/toads/frogs???? :)


Nuttin to do wit me dude :ph34r:


Pass me dat stogie :D:o;);) Only jokin :D

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