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Anyone Experience With Firmware Upgrades On A Gps?

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<_< On Garmin's site there is currently the version 2.50 software available for download to a GPS V. I feel tempted to put that one onto my device, but I am concerned about Garmin's disclaimer that mentions it may leave your GPS device inoperable if a problem during that firmware download occurs.


Has anyone experience doing those upgrades? If so, what would be the critical points in that process?


Any feedback is appreciated. :rolleyes:


Grüezi from Switzerland



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I have done at least a half-dozen firmware upgrades to my Legend and never had a problem. Download the firmware package and read and follow the instructions and you shouldn't have any problems. The "... may leave your device inoperable..." is just a legal loophole so that if something does go wrong, they can say "Well, we warned you..."


I wouldn't have any hesitation about doing the upgrade at all.{edited to answer question] There really isn't any "critical" point in the process. Basically, it's download and extract the update package, read the instructions, conect your GPSr and execute the update. If anything can be called critical, I guess it would be not interupting the update once it's started. Have good, fresh batteries in your GPSr and make sure that everything is positioned so that it won't get accidentaly knocked or something while the update is happening. Some of these can take a little while. Good luck!

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Occasionally you can get an update that will cause more harm than good. Just before my first trip to Boston, I updated my SPIII firmware. When I got to Boston, the Find Address function was not working. Much later, I figure it as a firmware conflict with the City Navigator software only - confusing as heck at the time.


Long story short, once you do the firmware update, check that your unit still performs as expected. If not, try reinstalling the new update or install an older update. If you don't have an older update, ask here at the forums. Someone should be able to help. As a mater of routine, be prepared to reload your waypoints, maps or reset favorite features.


I have never had another problem like Boston. Many of the Garmin updates have added features to my old units that I value highly.


If you are the cautious type, wait for the forums to comment on the various updates.



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A few months ago, I upgraded the firmware on my GPSmap 76s, and it got hosed & made a brick out of the unit... :rolleyes:


I had to return the unit (out of warranty) to Garmin. Because it was caused by gremlins, Garmin restored the unit with the new firmware, AND also replaced the LCD screen, the entire case, & the battery compartment - ALL GRATIS!! They had the unit back to me in a matter of about a week. <_<


I think I had to pay for shipping to them.


So if things go south while you update the firmware, Garmin will make things right!


Great customer service/support :tongue:



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I too am a happy Garmin V upgrader .. I have two both running at latest version 2.5 .. seems very stable .. IMO go for it


I Have done a backward downgrade on my SPIII once as the new code was "unstable".. Garmin dont offer "old version" on the web site - but as I had done a few and keep them I had a copy I was happy with.


If I didn't have a downgrade I am sure some one here would have



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:DThanks for all your help!

Yesterday I updated my GPS V to version 2.5, and everything went fine. Actually, only a matter of minutes. So next time I can do it right away.

Best regards from Switzerland!


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