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  1. I kow abot this option, but you can't use it if your in the middle of nowhere. We have pretty good coverage in here (about 90% of population) but caches are often in the woods where you can't make a call
  2. I already been there, but I want just one unit. And I take my phone wherever I go, so that is my only option. I would love to get Treo650 but it's just too dadgum expensive here.
  3. My old trusty cell phone is showing it's age and I think about upgrading to some kind of smartphone. Since I'm from Europe I consider some model from the Nokia Series60 range, but I would like to turn it into paperless device. Is there some kind of SW that can read GPX files? I don't give a dadgum about GPS navigation on the phone - that's what my GPSMAP60c is for, I just want to be able to check the direction on the go. Any experience or suggestions are welcome
  4. I think that if/when a 3rd party comes out with software that can do all the things Macintosh users want it to do - to emaulate Mapsource, Garmin would fire a lawsuit citing DMCA against reverse engineering. Sad story, because if anyone volunteers to write the SW for Garmin, they respond w/ "intelectual property protection". If anyone asks why they can't make it in-house, they respond w/ "lack of resorce" - this from multi-million dollar company. Other than that, I like my GPSMAP60c, but I would LOVE to use it w/ Apple computer.
  5. Well. thats why they developed the Bluetooth for. You don't have to pull cables around your desk to print of sync your PDA. Welcome to the future
  6. Check this site, it seems that they have it covered, and since Garmin has it's office in Romania, you can try to contact them directly
  7. I have seen some other problems (GPSr showing bad location) w/ this fw. version in local forum. And because Garmin's latest stable is 3.6 I would DOWNGRADE!
  8. What brand of batteries you're using? I'm using SANYO and I had no problems. You can also try to upgrade the firmware in your GPSr, there could be some bug in your version
  9. or if you can't find your ID number, you can use your ID (name) and check the wildcard button
  10. you enter only the numbers, you can check the value in GPX file that contains caches that you own
  11. That's just not true. When using NiMs batteries, you only have to set the battery type in the menu for the battery meter to display correct values, as Alkalines have different discharging curve than NiMhs. But you can still get full capacity in the meter, but you have to use fresh batteries, as NiMhs tend to self discharge about 1% a day.
  12. I think, someone shold make one of the previous answers sticky. I can't remember day when this question didn't appear in the forum. Check this topic.
  13. I the GSAK you have option to save files in CACHEMATE PDB file. Just do File > Export > Cachemate PDB file. Then just upload the file to your Palm, synchronize and you are done
  14. It seems that the MapSource 6.5 just came out of beta. You can download and read about the new features here. I was using the 6.5 beta and some of the features are pretty sweet.
  15. check out Garmin's site, there is a new model in the 60 series, and it appears to be the missing B&W model (non-mapping) and few more news!
  16. Some of us consider "no new handhelds" as a good news, at least we don't have to take out our drool buckets
  17. As an added benefit, you can use it to bash the competition when you run for your next FTF
  18. My girlfriend wear Garmont Gore-Tex shoes and she's pretty happy in them. We bought them 2 years ago as her birthday present and we have yet to see any kind of wear. don't know if you can get them in States though :\
  19. I just bought neoprene case for my 60c from Gilsson/GPS Geek. I have to say that I don't like stay-on cases, but this one just rocks! It's so good that Santa bought one for my dad
  20. I bought a new laptop recently. My decision was Apple vs. IBM and I have to say that easy use of my 60c was one of the things that pushed me towards the ThinkPad (my 3rd), other things were high price of comparable model and 1 year warranty vs. IBM's 3 years. I always wanted a Mac and I would LOVE to have computer running the OS X, but small things keep me out of Mac world. However I would like to offer $30 to author of potential MAC to GARMIN USB program that would support MAP/WAYPOINT/TRACK download/upload. I believe that a bounty is the way to go and could be interesting for potential coders. Anyone want's to join me?
  21. get GPSMAP 60c it has better antenna and I like the colour + every megabyte of memory counts (56 vs. 24)
  22. I was browsing though Gizmodo gadget blog and I've seen this pretty neat handlebar mount from company called M2RACER. It cost less than 10 bucks, so I think it's at least worth trying. Oh, and they have also cool titanium crank prototype...
  23. they changed the display setup icon back to old version....hmm, makes me wonder
  24. You really can't blame them for translansions in beta version, they are trying to add and polish actual features and since Garmin is US company English is priority. Just let them know Gmap60cBeta@garmin.com
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