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  1. Obviously most of the geocaching community did not expect that kind of activity in Taiwan, including myself. I am now for the third time in Taiwan on business and recently found out that I "retrieved" a virtual geocache by accident on my second visit! (Yeliou Rock). Now I have my GPSr ready and will start hunting caches around Taipei the next weekend! It just needs some sort of initial spark to get things started... Grüezi from Hackie
  2. Thanks for all your help! Yesterday I updated my GPS V to version 2.5, and everything went fine. Actually, only a matter of minutes. So next time I can do it right away. Best regards from Switzerland! This topic is closed now.
  3. On Garmin's site there is currently the version 2.50 software available for download to a GPS V. I feel tempted to put that one onto my device, but I am concerned about Garmin's disclaimer that mentions it may leave your GPS device inoperable if a problem during that firmware download occurs. Has anyone experience doing those upgrades? If so, what would be the critical points in that process? Any feedback is appreciated. Grüezi from Switzerland Hackie
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