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Let's Play Fair

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I know that I am new to this and have only 30 some finds but I have noticed that some players don't seem to play fair and it sure takes a little of the fun out of the game. Twice this week we have been to caches that should have TBs but they are gone and no one has signed the log since they were dropped off. I know that if I had put a bug to traveling I wouldn't want it to end up around someones neck as a trophy. Why can't they play fair and if they want to take a travel bug at least log into the log book?

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The caching community is just like the population at large. The majority are pretty good people that will help you, a bug, or a cache if something is needed. There are a few that will go out of thier way for all of the above. And sadly there are some that just dont seem to "get" it. The ones that post " Took: priceless gold dubloon Left: pocketlint" or that keep travel bugs. Its sad but true. And it probably will never change. You gotta take the bad with the good.

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Why can't they play fair and if they want to take a travel bug at least log into the log book?

Some people just do not know that they should do the logging or do not know how to do the logging. I.e., they are newbies. I suspect that because of the growth of Geocaching that there are a fair number of people like this.

As an example: Several months ago my sister-in-law went out Geocaching, got really excited about it, bought her own GPS, and eventually found a travel bug which she took home. It took a couple months of email back and forth between the two of us before she finally understood the importance of logging in the TB. And the importance of keeping the TB moving. Fortunately, knowing what the TB was called, I was able to log a note so that the TB owners were not too worried about it.

You gotta take the bad with the good.

Amen. Especially with TBs.

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A big part of the problem is new cachers who don't have a clue how to log. I've had that problem several times. I suppose I should have placed a huge warning label on my TB's that forbid new cachers from taking them. :lol:

I'm a new cacher. I've been reading the forums a lot. I got so excited when I found my first TB that I snagged him and promptly dropped him into the next cache I did that day. After all his mission was to move from cache to cache as often as possible so I thought I was helping him. I didn't realize I needed to write down his number to log him.


Its all fixed up now and he's logged appropriately.

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Also some newer people think that logging their cache find online will automatically log the bug. They don't understand that they have to log the bug too.


Then again, like with any large group of people, there are a couple of jerks. :lol:


I'd prefer to think the people that took the bugs are new and just don't understand or haven't been near a PC (ie - on vacation) and haven't had a chance to log it yet.

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How about a spot on the home page that says: getting started:

logging finds

logging tb

etc. I know that trying to find where to log a CA coin wasn't easy to find and TB does take a few clicks to find the right spot.

Maybe some simple "rules of the road" for those starting out.

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I'm sure some people go out and steal bugs, or manage to lose them somehow, but I have come to the conclusion that most missing bugs happen because people don't log them in or out correctly.


It's called paying attention, something that few are good at. Why do you think we have so many auto crashes? If I retrieved a TB from a cache, logged my visit to the cache, then noticed that the TB icon was still there, I'd do some investigation, wouldn't you?

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Hey....as a new'er cacher, I am proud to announce that I did a lot of reading the website to make sure I didn't screw something up when it came to logging, finding, exchanging, blah blah. So yay for me, and hopefully other new'erbies that take the time to make sure they're using proper etiquette before hitting the trails.


Also, when do I NO LONGER consider myself a newbie? Ha!



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