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Revisiting a found cache to grab something you want ?

OB Jets

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I've done it to get a travelbug out of my hands after waaaay too long.


As long as it wasn't a second find (unless cache had been moved & you're invited by owner) I don't think it would matter much.


Not to me anyway.


They say this universe is bound to blow,

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I confess, I went to one of my own caches just to get one of Marky's smashed pennies. However, the guilt got to me so I left a Geocoin. I don't know if that was a fair trade considering the time and money M&J put into those pennies, but It sure looks nice in my smashed penny collection icon_biggrin.gif


Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. The rest go geocaching.

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Thanks for the reply. But whats a fair trade ? "took the object of my desire.Left 1st born male child" ? Gessh. I dont think alot of the cachers in my area are as competitive as they are in some of the other parts of the country, but why did these have to show up in caches i have already found ? Can you say addicted ? Border line obsessive ? Bring on the 12 step program... Objets

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Originally posted by objets:


I could smash some pennies in the hangar doors at work for you.We did that last time things at "Take your Kid to work Day" ran slow.Anyway i need to know where i can enter a 12 step program to ease this addiction...Objets


LOL! Apparently there's another cacher that does something similar. I have one of his smashed pennies too. He uses Caltrain (the commuter train service in the SF Bay region) to do the job, and etches or stamps them with his username. They're pretty cool too. Marky's pennies are an image of his avatar. Way too cool icon_cool.gif


Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. The rest go geocaching.

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Nope. You're basically exploiting an extremely unfair advantage over anyone else who might want the item, but has never been to the cache before. Besides, trying to "get the good stuff" isn't what the game is about. It's a crap-shoot, every time you open a cache, which is part of the fun. Checking logs and using the watch list to find out when something desirable pops up in a cache that you already know the whereabouts of, doesn't strike me as being in the proper spirit.



"Don't mess with a geocacher. We know all the best places to hide a body."

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Well said. After many hours mulling over the options, ive decided to leave them there for someone else to find them. Perhaps i will happen upon one sometime in the future. Finding one under those conditions will just add to the value, i think anyway. Thanks for your perspective. Objets

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Right on, Prime.... icon_razz.gif

Integrity in one's character is exemplified by what we do when no-one else is looking. Nice to see that there are two more endorsements to your position preceding my own.


"Today's truth remains valid only as long as it withstands the test of tomorrow's discoveries" - George Hicks

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I've revisited old caches only if they looked like they've been exploited or the contents are full of junk. It's amazing how many people are thoughtless and leave trash in place of a trinket. I fill these caches with my own swag to make them nice for the next finder. I also replace old beat up logs with new ones. I like finding nice caches and would appreciate if someone did this with my own caches. If I take something, whatever I leave is always better or at least even. -BK

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Thanks Quills. We just got back from DC where we picked up a few caches (mostly virtuals) as well as some smashed pennies. It looks like those smashed penny machines have made it into just about every Smithsonian. They were quite popular when we were there and it looked like parents were relieved to fork out .50 cents rather than bigger bucks for more expensive souveniers.

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I re-visited 2 caches this weekend, but only to move around some TB's. Found perfect spots for both of them. I almost always leave, and hardly ever take, unless I find something that me or my wife wants, or I find a really cool trade item to leave in another cache. TB's, however, I will take/leave/move, and return to some caches to trade TB's or leave a TB.


I suppose if there were something I REALLY wanted, and I didn't take it upon the initial find, I might return to get it... :D

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