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New Cachetype? - Historical Markers

Semper Questio
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I just had a thought while hitting up the virtual caches that are so often based on the roadside historical markers. How about a whole new cache type based on the same general principal as benchmarks?


We band together and start cataloging historical markers, logging in their title, content, age, location, condition, and visits. This would be great for geocaching history buffs and add a whole new dimension to the game!


I would not recommend pictures unless it is just something truly amazing due to storage issues, but the first person entering a marker would enter the text of the marker and sunsequent visitors would simply log thier visit like a virtual, but withoutthe confirmation question. Of course, I don't see why the site could not also be host to a virutal or any other kind of cache, but the main point here would be to get the markers located, transcribed, and cataloged. What a treasure trove of historical tidbits this would be!


What does anyone else think?


HW, The Kilted Cacher

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It might be more like benchmark hunting. I suspect that somewhere -- probably not on a computer :unsure: -- are lists of all of the historical markers. But not their co-ordinates. TPTB could add the written description of the markers to the GC site and then we could go find them. Just like benchmarks I suspect there are missing or misplaced historical markers. So this could be a public service ala the benchmarks.


BTW: It could be interesting within the benchmark section to have people put in the co-ordinates of the benchmark. Certainly people can do this now in their logs but a formal method would make the location more accurate for future finders.

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I have thought about this same idea. I have found a couple benchmarks and I have not found it as interesting as finding geocaches. I frequently stop at historical markers and read them and would enjoy hunting them because there is the reward of learning a bit of history at the end of the hunt. I frequently use the Kentucky Historical Society Historical Marker Database http://kentucky.gov/kyhs/hmdb/MarkerSearch...unty&county=114 to learn about interesting areas to visit when traveling. Other states and counties have developed their own databases.

I would welcome this as a new category of searchs on Geocaching.com.


Happy Caching.


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like Kentucky, Texas has a website that not only lists all the historical markers but all the info displayed on them as well. It would still be fun to see how many one could actually find. Maybe someone can make a website explicitly for Historical Marker Hunting.

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I agree on having a historical markers designation. My wife teaches history and they can be used in her class. I probably would find more historical markers than regular caches.


I have been wanting to find the coordinates of all of the State Trooper Memorials in Texas.(Which I believe is different from historical markers, I guess) and come up with a page with them on it.

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In Texas, not only a web site, but I have a book with Historical Markers we take on trips. We can look up and read the markers without stopping. Always nice to know a little history of the area. I think it is called "The sign beside the road." or something like that.

I guess we should start marking the coordinates in the book now.

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Gee wouldn't it be nice if the design of the new website section for virtuals and locationless allowed you to set up an area for collecting "Texas historical markers" or "State Trooper Memorials"? People who like looking for these things would have an area to share information about them, and people who only like to find traditional geocaches will be able to do that, without complaining about having a "bunch of lame historic marker virtuals" on their nearest cache list. Everybody would be happy.

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My general concspet was jsut to make a database of markers, their content, location, and condition and a bonus would be to make them searchable by state (and maybe county and/or zip) and to enable searching the content sections.


But other than the historical significance I see the fun in this being twofold. First there is the fun in being the first to locate and post a marker (I'd spend weekends just driving around to do that!). The second is while planning a trip, cache hunt, or whatever, you could go online and see what is along the way that you want to stop and see for yourself. Perhaps when listing markers it only gives title, waypoint info, and link to content so no content spoiler is immediately given.


The biggest problem I see is where do you stop calling something an historical marker? After all, there are plenty of monuments, informational displays and so on that have as much, if not more, historical relevance as the roadside markers. I'd be of a mnd to include those, but stop short of including building such as the lincoln memorial and grave markers.

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There's a guy somewhere in Michigan whose goal is to visit all X-thousand of our historical markers. There was a call by a geocacher some time ago to supplement his project by providing him with coordinates. I don't think it went anywhere though.


A fine idea, but this site can't handle every GPS-related activity. Like you said:

The biggest problem I see is where do you stop calling something an historical marker?

At some point, it's no longer geocaching and needs its own site.


Good luck if you run with this, I'd certainly be interested.

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Unfortunately I don't have the time, money, resources, or expertise to pull it off. But I thought of a whole new GPS activity along those line - maybe call it GeoSpying - where people can log things of interest like the markers, giant fiberglass people, roadside attractions, unique water towers, etc.


Oh well, maybe someone will be able to go for it.

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