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Volunteered To Adopt, But No Reply From Gc?

Patuxent Pirates

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What gives?


Both I and the regional approver have e-mailed GC.com several times about a cache in Richmond, VA which needed to be adopted but we have not received any answer at all. I thought I would have at least received a "thanks but no thanks" reply...... but after about three weeks not a peep. Its been very disheartening as I felt we were trying to do something good for the game by restoring what was out there.



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I am still waiting - I adopted 3 mid last year.

I thought the neighborhood approver was going to make the change, but he didn't.

I still am "caretaker", although 2 of the 3 have been muggled and archived.


I am going to do a maintenance trip to replace the container and goodies on the third this week.


Just have patience.

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It's fine to send a reminder follow-up after three weeks or so. Dusty Jacket, your adoption papers probably got lost in the shuffle. Only Groundspeak can change over ownership... all the volunteer reviewer can do is assist you by posting on the cache page to try and get a response from the owner, and forward on a positive adoption recommendation to hydee. Like hydee said, it then goes into a seemingly endless queue of e-mail requests. Please send her a follow up with links to the caches you're maintaining and would like to adopt.

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