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Special Equipment


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What's amazing about that is the special equipment I brought from the car was the WRONG special equipment! But success is success, no matter how it's done...


It seems that lately some special equipment is being used while geocacheing.

I would like to get some special equipment . the problem is I dont know what makes equipment special.


What does it mean when someone notes in a log that they used special equipment

flashlight? coathanger? hip waders? Boat?

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Special equipment I take caching:

24" extension ladder

Proctor Silex blender

40# of potatoes

crawdad trap

Nails 8d duplex type.

Funk and Wagnels encylopidia


Just kidding. :unsure:


The cache page should list any special equipment needed to find or access the cache. I haven't done a lot of caches that require for instance a kayak, but I love to read cache pages. Some are very interesting and give me something to day dream about.

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Skully & Mulder et al. Posted: Jan 2 2004, 06:12 AM 

"Special Equipment" could be kidnapping the cache owner at gun point and forcing them to show you the cache  . 

Helmut, keep in mind, he was talking about YOUR cache.

scoobydooers Posted: Jan 1 2004, 06:50 PM 

The stuff Im talking about is like Mulder's Mean Cache #1 (GCHA5A)

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=stayfloopy,Jan 2 2004, 09:32 PM

Usually, it means that being more specific about the tools used would give away the hiding method.  ;)

so what your saying is that special equipment may not nessessary be actual equipment but rather a state of mind. an hint to think outside the box.

much like one person of a group hunt going for coffee in order to allow the others to continue the frustrations of the find. not that the person is thirsty and craves java in so much as they are being considerate enough to withhold doing a rendition of the happy dance

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I used special equipment for Mulder's Mean Cache #1, but I don't want to give it away, because using it would knock it down a few stars in difficulty. Lets say I found the cache in seconds with the special equipment after looking for about an hour without it.


It's something that most people have somewhere in their car.


Other than that, the only "special equipment" I've ever used was a canoe.

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so what your saying is that special equipment may not nessessary be actual equipment but rather a state of mind. an hint to think outside the box.

No, it's an actual item you use to enable you to find the cache easily. The problem is if you say what item you used, other cachers could play out the scenario in their minds and figure out what kind of hiding spot it is based on that. So that's why we use the term "special equipment".

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