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Wsga-puget Sound Holiday Event


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Just a heads-up on the WSGA-Puget Sound Holiday Event. I was able to reach the person who reserved the room for us last year, and she helped me reserve the same place for this year. She works with the city of Issaquah, so we get the facility for free.


A big shout-out to Andarose for doing this for us!


The official cache page should be available in the next day or two. In the meantime, here's the date and time for you mark on your calendars:


Saturday, Dec. 27th

6:30ish-7:30ish (I'll post official times soon)

Issaquah Community Hall, 180 E Sunset Way


We'll have a fun potluck, and a Bandana Quilt Raffle (bring a blanket to donate to a local shelter, and get a raffle ticket). If anyone has other suggestions for games, puzzles, or fun stuff to do, please post it here or send me some e-mail.


In the next day or two, the cache event page should be submitted and approved. I'll post a link here.



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Once the cache has been officially approved, you should be able to view details here:  Winter Holiday Party



It's up and I'll be there (lord willing and the creek don't rise)!


Whoever posted it used 12/9 as the cache date. This will cause the event to age off the list fairly quickly. You might want to get that updated to the actual event date.

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PDXMM is correct. Champoeg is going to be HUGE this year! :o

The number of sub-events and activities that are planned will fill up an entire day.

You can also check out the previous Champoeg 03 events for an idea of the goings on.


This year, the number of geocaching campsites vs normal people campsites must be 5:1. It will truely be a spectacular event. :lol:

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Lazyboy - are you the only Oregon Geocacher who isn't planning on the Champoeg get together? It's a state park and we help pull ivy or something similar. Check out the Champoeg 2004 Thread in these forums.

I haven't been around the forums much until recently. It looks like the campqoeg event is the first weekend in June. If there are sites left we'll go. Thanks.

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Here's a question for those who've lived here a bit longer than me. We're going to end up collecting quite a few blankets and coats at the party, for donating to a local charity. I have a few leads on charities and shelters (http://www.komotv.com/stories/28531.htm), but I don't know much about them.


If anyone has a suggestion, or knows of a great group that would really make use of the blankets, please let me know. You can post it here or send me some e-mail.



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I've had a couple of requests to bring back last year's White Elephant Gift Exchange. We all had a great time laughing over silly presents and trying to be the last one with the cool gifts. Adrian (Son of Seth!) was especially cute. :lol:


If you're interested in participating, bring a wrapped gift ($10 or less, please) to the party. You can find out more on the WSGA's White Elephant Exchange! page.


And, don't forget to read all about the party here: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...e6-2e772b34007c



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I guess I get to declare DNF the Event but FTA the location. B)


I was so excited about meeting up with you guys again that I got there a day early! The cleaning crew had NO idea what I was talking about. Thinking I was at the wrong place, I dissected and divided the area into grids and started to look for the event. Failing that, I went to RS and used their computer to double-check and noted the error of my ways. :unsure:


Btw... the coordinates are dead-on.

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