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lame-o things to put in a cache

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I've seen a lot of people run a string through the center hole and use them as rearview mirror ornaments.

Personally I got bummed out when they made the switch from floppies 'cause I had almost finished tiling my bathroom with the disks.


The most lame-o thing I have found in a cache was a gravel. Yep a chunk of crushed limestone.

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR><font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by bacpac:<BR>I had a guy leave a golf ball he found on the trail. A worthless range ball</font><HR></BLOCKQUOTE><BR><BR>I plead guilty of doing this on my first cache, when I learned about the take something/leave something ethic only after finding the cache. The cache hunter before us had mentioned in his online log entry the occasional lost golf ball to be found on the way. He advised, "Be sure to pick up some golf balls on your trip!" So we did. My son loved finding them, almost as much as finding the cache. So we felt some kid after us might enjoy taking one home. We left them in the cache. We didn't feel bad then and your post now doesn't change my mind. One man's trash is another kid's treasure.


:) I agree completely. What might look like trash to some...is a treasure to others...for whatever reason. My son had some really odd collections when he was growing up. Matchbox cars were fine, but then came the keys, coins, trading cards...and then golfballs. Nobody knows why the six year old suddenly developed an interest in them but we didn't know the extent of his interest until I cleaned his room. There was a huge box FILLED with them in his closet.


He's put them to more practicle use now that he's a teenager. They make great missiles when shot from a home made cannon into the woods. He has also poured the 500 or so balls into an unsuspecting sister's bed so that she woke up in a sea of clanking balls...he now practices his swing from our backyard...much to the destruction of our sod. At least I know he's somewhat normal now. :)

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Haha, I've seen useless stuff... Baseballs, golf balls, a pen where the ink was missing, and I keep finding this piece of paper with all of this writing on it, I don't know WHAT that's supposed to be... (xD I have a weird sense of humor, I know. B)) Anyway, the most useless thing I've found... is... um... *cough* I can't remember. xD Anyway, I've seen some pretty good stuff, too. :) Lots of sig items. :)

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"did you find any treasures on the way to the cache??" Quote: Wildchild97


Yes, and sometimes the scenery has been the thing we remember the most when we go caching. It's what we remember when we talk about geo-caching. There are some caches that we recommend to cachers because of where they are located.


Lame things in caches? Why we have seen quite a bit from broken McToys to Tampons, Condoms and the occasional .22 bullet. They come in handy but do ya need to put them in cache?


BTW, AOL CD's make a great subsitute when you run out of clay pigeons to shoot. :D:D


Edit: For spelling and not enough coffee.

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Heyyy!...I left a "aol" cd in one of my caches, now if I kept it that would have been lame!<BR>But I guess you are right, besides, how do you get a aol cd in one of those microcaches of yours?<BR><BR>------------------<BR>Quinn Stone<BR>Rochester, NY.<BR>Navicache.com


When I find an AOL cd in a cache I take it and don't trade it. I take these abominations and transform them into drink coasters.


Passing them along is lame. Using them as coasters and keeping them out of circulation is the only HUMANE thing to do.

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Okay, now that is freaking evil. :D:D:) But at least it gave you something to do with all those discs!


I have to say, though, that AOL CDs would actually be better than some of the stuff I've found in caches. Used movie tickets, expired bus passes, a handful of blown fuses... yes, fuses... a parking ticket, an action figure with two limbs missing... at what point did "cache" become synonymous with "trash can"?


Wait, I take that back. Going by the age of this thread, I'd say it's always been a problem. Bloody irritating that it hasn't been solved by now, but I guess it's human nature to be an asshat if nobody's looking at you. :D


2 caches in a row last week - Windows 95 startup disks (3.5" floppy.) At lease you can hang the AOL disk from the ceiling.

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