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  1. That's so cute! Can you make them magnets or pins too?
  2. congrats to CinemaBoxers & Damenace
  3. That's the cutest little coin!
  4. deafhunt, that's great! We vacationed in AK around the time those were in the area (you might remember my name in the logbook). We checked out the cache in Valdez too (in a timely manner). I think that coin might be in just as much high demand up there. Guess the fairy doesn't visit AK much.
  5. A little expensive with shipping & all that, but I think this is a gorgeous coin! I really like the metal.
  6. I'm all over that... I love making icons. Add me to your list!
  7. Happy birthday!! This joke is better outloud. Soo... this guy is really lonely and decides he wants a pet. He goes to the pet shop and looks at all the different pets there. He looks at the cats and dogs but they shed too much. The mice, gerbils, and hamsters look too boring. The snakes and frogs look too slimey. Finally he settles on a millipede. It moves slowly and doesn't look too intimidating. The owner puts it in a box for him, he pays, and goes home. When he gets home he makes a little house for the millipede and some furniture (he's really lonely..). He can't think of anything else to do so he says "Millipede.. I have an idea.. let's go to church." There's no answer. "Millipede, let's go." There's no answer. "Hey! Millipede! I'm talking to you." There's a silence... Finally, a little voice comes from the house (use your high squeaky voice now) "I heard you the first time.. I'm putting on my shoes!"
  8. whitepages.com says that's a landline in seattle... hmmm...
  9. really cute sig item Do you know how to prepare kiwi? http://carcino.gen.nz/images/index.php/00b9a680/050c232d
  10. I received mine very promptly - thanks so much! Very nice coin
  11. And be prepared for competition when the next edition comes out.
  12. Do you know how bright/solid the coloring will be? Will it be more pastel to match the coin? Or more like the geocaching logo?
  13. Our very first LPC - see how excited they are? Going through the goodies.
  14. I have a 96 Corolla too. And I have put a bunch of money into the thing in the past year. In the past month the starter and catalytic converter pooped out. Considering it has 183,000 miles, I think I got my money's worth out of the car. Been troublefree, requiring nothing more than routine maintenance until last year. Got me to hundreds of caches and benchmarks while averaging around 28.5 mpg. Good fuel economy is important given the amount of driving involved in caching. Since Toyota is slow to introduce the new Corolla here, and I don't particularly care for their new style direction, I am eyeing a 2007 Civic. I too have a 96 Corolla. I think it's around 118k. And it's so good at getting me to caches and across country.
  15. National monuments are the same as national parks as far as geocaching is concerned. There are a couple (~4) of national parks and monuments (Canyons of the Ancient National Monument is one that comes to mind) that are not owned/run by the National Park Service. A national monument is land set aside by the president. A national park is one set aside and voted on by Congress. That's why many parks are national monuments first.
  16. I love my energizer ones. I use the 6 hour charger. My boyfriend has the quick charger and it killed them faster. I think.
  17. We did one cache in Kyoto and it was rather exposed too. "In Front of Kyoto Station" redefined the definition of "in front of" but it was a lower-traffic area, though people could see us from the other side of the street.
  18. Coordinates for a parking area would be convenient.
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