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  1. I saw the post on the Breakfast meet. I'm a slow hiker, I wear a leg brace and will in the caboose of the group. I fly in to Seattle on the 12th and fly out on the 18th
  2. The more the merrier! I'm joining in on the fun for the June17th breakfast and walk. I'm looking forward to seeing new faces and maybe some I've seen before. I'll be caching in Seattle the 13th through the 16th - maybe we can get permission to shake hands with some of the worker bees - err frogs - at Geocaching HQ.
  3. Back in business!!! I guess GMail needs more fiber to keep things flowing.
  4. Got any recommendations? I just switched from yahoo to gmail (yesterday)and I'm waiting also.
  5. Oh crap - GMail throttles emails too??? I switched from yahoo to gmail yesterday and I haven't got my pqs that ran late last night. WHAT EMAIL SHOULD WE USE THAT DELIVERS THE GC EMAILS??? Problems on a Monday night - this weekend should be a fun time on the site
  6. Ok, its been 6 hours since pqs (finally - doh!) ran. Is Yahoo 'throttling' again?
  7. HEY!!! Is there a problem? Why aren't mine being run? I figured it out "USER ERROR"
  8. I learned something new today. It wasn't set up as a daily PQ, but I was trying to run it two days in a row. After slowly reading the notes at the bottom of the PQ page and an even slower search of my PQ list, I (finally) found the new pq and scheduled it. They'll both come eventually. No rush. Its just for planning some finds around the WANEE Music festival. Thanks - Keep on dancin!
  9. I set up a PQ yesterday, that should have run just after midnite (PST). It didn't. This mornig 8(PST), I unchecked it and rechecked it to put it back in the queue. Should I be checking every few minutes or every few hours or ??? Thanks
  10. I think your code works great My MySpace I think if it did link, you'd have to point to the gc.com homepage. I think only members can see our gc page and from myspace, you'd get mostly non members clicking it. Good job!
  11. The rules are for 500 people in attendance, not 500 registered cachers. A family that shows up together gets to count each individual, not just their one caching handle. What??? How then do the Groundspeak people know that it was indeed a mega event? Do they have to be in attendance to confirm 500 people? Does someone have to take pictures of the crowd? Does someone at the event have to do the job of headcount? That doesn't make much since to me. Are going to contest this years mega event, GCRRC6? Even if it was set at 250 for the icon, there would only be a few a year. Its just a new class, something different, something unique, something special.
  12. YAY CONNECTICUT!!! We police our cachers, before the forums can discover our trespasses I alway thought that logging a find each month at this and the previous monthly event wouldn't have been a big problem. But no one does it. And to go way back to the topic, the people are following the cache rules. Not to get lost in symantics, they are not logging the number of times they walked through the entrance, they are logging found hidden containers. Maybe they have found a way to get around park hides rule or (heaven forbid) they are getting around GC guidelines. In either (or another) case, if it was a gross error TPTB would get involved. Remember those virtual coins??? If you are concerned with other's gameplay, and I was in the past, then you need to think about how you want to play your game. Unless you start devoting ALL your time to finding smilies, you'll never 'beat' the current leaders. Maybe if we were competing for a yearly World Championship, this discussion would matter.
  13. Link to the event: Turtles 1000th - GCYNF1 I've got a coin to bring back with you.
  14. I'm definately going to his next event but first I'm gonna hit up the caches I already found. close to my home.
  15. I pulled in to do maintenance in a park n ride lot. I realize that the car next to me has tthe motor running. I decide to wait them out. The cache is about 20 feet in front of us. After a few minutes of pretending to be organizing stuff, I look over to see a cute blonde female. I smiile - she smiles. She rolls down the window and asks, "You wanna date?" Oh great, she's working the parking lot.
  16. I saw a bit of the japan cup bowling championship. The winner, Walter Ray Williams Jr, had a patch over his right chest that looked similiar to this logo: I tried to read the company name and then tried searching the web for bowling product manufactures, with no luck. Do you know of a logo for bowling (or others) that is similiar to the groudspeak logo?
  17. I am thankful for this - without it, I'd have to drive from store to store to find that flavor of ice cream I like.
  18. I wonder why google doesn't list my YAHOO stuff?
  19. Wow, you were on that one fast, Clyde. No bugs to fix today?
  20. in the zip codes that make up washington dc... how many I think eaglespirit0 gave you a relevant answer If you want the EXACT number, I'll tell you but it gonna cost you a dollar for each one. The website has lots of tools to help YOU get the information that YOU want.
  21. IPB images don't seem to live too long. Photobucket seems to reach bandwith limits pretty quick. I use imageshack, but they seem to have som cookie stuff running - but the images never seem to die.
  22. Relax, I was just being sarcastic.
  23. Holy Crap! We know what the FTF prize was, but did he sign the log?
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