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Kevin Bacon knows a guy who caches...

Dru Morgan
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OK, following with Sissy n CR's suggestion for a new feature, here is one that I thought of. How about a 'six degrees of separation' search on the database. I mean, what about a way to find out how many degrees away from another cacher you are?

I found X cache that was hidden by John and he found Y cache that was hidden by Mary who found Z cache that was hidden by Kevin Bacon?

If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out the Oracle of Bacon at Virginia to see the original.

An explanation is here.

Hey, we are all computer nerds at heart, and this would keep some of us busy for quite a while.

Then the next competition would be to see how many degrees to Jeremy you are.


stealyourcache.gif Ever notice that anyone that caches less than you do is a moron, while anyone that caches more than you do is a maniac? -Dru Morgan

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and see the differences. But, seriously, many people have asked about ways to search for geocachers on this site. I think we need something to bring this community together. There was a site that would let you join and get your friends to join on your 'first degree' and then their friends would be your 'second degree' and so on. You could send emails to anyone in your first 3 degrees and figure out who knew whom and make connections etc. Well, we already have enough people in this community, I just think that we should have some features to get us more together. The IRC channel is a good start, I have made some good friends in there, but mostly from people that are in crazy places with snow. I know there are people right in my own neighborhood that find the same caches I do and I probably see them at the market, but don't know them.


stealyourcache.gif Ever notice that anyone that caches less than you do is a moron, while anyone that caches more than you do is a maniac? -Dru Morgan

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Originally posted by Mr. Snazz:

My sister's roommate in Italy was an extra in bacon's 2003 movie "In the Cut", so that means everyone here is, hmm... 3 degrees away? Is that right?


I think that would make you 3 degrees away and the rest of us 4.


I went to high school with a girl who has since become a somewhat successful actress. She's 2 degrees from Bacon, so I'm 3.


Whenever I feel blue, I start breathing again.

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My buddy Rick Hinkle here in Atlanta has a Bacon Number of 3, so that makes me a 4. According to the stats, we fours are a far rarer breed than the threes. icon_smile.gif


If we stranded all the people with a Bacon Number of 1 on an island, with Kevin, and gave them no food, how long would Kevin's Bacon last?



Scott Johnson (ScottJ)

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Originally posted by MTU_Cache_Spot:

After seeing the movie Wild Things, I think I had seen enough of Kevin's Bacon to last me a lifetime....I mean, come on! Was that scene really necessary?

It was just a scene with a naked man. What's the big deal? (Besides the obvious, of course.icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif)


- All you need is a sick mind and a healthy body. -

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I guess I can only claim a three -- I was an extra in The Last of the Mohicans in 1991, and all the principals only score two's. From now on I'm going to check them all daily to see if any have upped their (and my) score...


"All of us are standing in the mud, but some of us are looking at the stars." Oscar Wilde

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I for one would prefer the proposed six degrees function not become part of the software, because it's way too fun a game to play on your own on those days when you can't get out of the house/office but want a little vicarious geo-adventure.


Click on our profile to see how we play it. It's actually sometimes a fun way of planning out a cache expedition to a new and unknown area.


== Alt Dot Air ==

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I was a little surprised to see how few cachecs Jeremy has conquered, but I guess that's an indication he has a life icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif We're one degree separated, though, if you count the no-find Jeremy logged on the great Jack's Cache Revisited cache.


OK, enough of that now, I'm procrastinating from doing something else icon_rolleyes.gif


== Alt Dot Air ==

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