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  1. Holy crap! That last pic looks like something I've made with Terragen. I don't think I could ever get the lighting or the striations of the rocks to work out that well though. Amazing pics guys, you sure do have an eye for this.
  2. I think we should all applaud Babs' effort here. Not only has she managed to stop the evil poor people from invading her personal hemisphere, she's also making leaps and bounds in her research towards finding the upwards limits of the human ego. I mean, to think, we actually thought that other celebrities had big heads....she's taking our evolution to the next level.
  3. I thought this was already a feature on this site....isn't that what happened when I clicked on that big "X" next to RubberToe's avatar? Well, if that big "X" comes up again, I'll have to use it on......GeoChamp, definatly GeoChamp (although his posts have gotten tame in the past few months).
  4. quote:Originally posted by umc:I am. Well, only when Rusty or VM has his hand up your.....umm...nevermind. We'll just drop all the sock puppet jokes now. UMC is an actual cacher, he just can't control his mouth.
  5. The "tiered" hint idea (and parking) seems like a great way to give people only the info they need, as they need it....so that would work great for a good traditional cache. One thing that I also like (in larger multis or puzzle caches) is the clue on the cache page just being a set of coords for another place. For Example: You go off in search of a five step multi-puzzle, which gets progressively harder with each step. The first two caches are fairly easy 2/2's. The third takes a little brain-power, but the hide is fairly obvious, so if you have the right coords, you won't need a hint. The fourth cache is downright tricky, so even if you have the right coords, you may need a hint....so if you descramble the hint for #4 on the cache page, it gives you coords for a "hint-card" that's somewhere nearby (just a laminated card hanging from a tree that will give you a good clue). The fifth cache is devious, and is a very hard find (say a 4/4), so if you get stumped you can descramble the clue to #5. That will give you the coords for another clue-card, which has some vague info, as well as coords for another clue card. There's two or three hint cards that you can go after that give you progressively better and more specific info on the location....So, you end up having to solve all the puzzles, but you can get hints along the way (if you choose to)...but you still have to work for them. The only problem with this is that the cache hider has more maintenance to keep up with, and if all the caches and cards aren't within a close proximity, it can get frustrating quickly having to go back and forth.
  6. I've installed Spybot on my computer, but haven't used it to it's full capability yet....so far I've seen that it catches some things that AdAware does not, but the other way is true as well. I haven't found Spybot to work well finding anything but applications and reg keys....cookies seem to slip by it rather easily (unless there's some setting I haven't hunted for yet). Truthfully, if I had to run spy-ware detectors more than once per week, I'd probably just turn off my computer and force myself to stay outside for a couple days...if you really need your computer to be that clean, maybe you need a new hobby (or job)
  7. The hardest ones are always the most satisfying. Even though she's not really into it, your girlfriend always gets ****ed off when you do it with other people (especially the one's she's never met).
  8. Here's the list of the cache pages for the un-initiated (as stolen from Markwell's page): Mission #1: "Devil's Spoon" (GCA4B) Mission #2: "Club Suave" (GCAFC) Mission #3: "Grahm's Link" (GCBA4) Mission #4: "Southern Bowl" (GCC67) Mission #5: "Fork in the Canyon" (GCD35) Mission #6: "Asian Arms" (GCDF3) Mission #7: "Crab Creek" (GCEF7) Mission #8: "Wattle's Edge" (GC1058) Special Mission: "PLANET OF THE APES Premiere!" (GC1168) Mission #9: "Tunnel of Light" (GC1169) Mission #10a: "River Bearer" (GC12AC) Mission #10b: "Meridian Snake" (GC12AD) Mission #11: "Tallow's Sand" (GC1412) Mission #12: "Blind Canal" (GC1596)
  9. I've heard that the "main" competitor (if they can even be called that) has a large following in Upstate Newyork and in Canada as well, but caches are tough to come by in Michigan on that site, so I rarely bother to visit. On the MiGO forums, I jokingly suggested one time that the other sites may "mine" data from this site (especially with the access that being a charter member allows to cache info). The response by a die-hard "other-site" follower was venemous, bordering on nasty. He/She vehemently denied that the other sites would ever stoop to that level.....which is probably the case....but that also means that they'll likely never have the number of caches or visitors as this site. I agree that competition is a good thing (for the end consumer of course), but a responible monopoly can be much more efficient and convenient.....the key word there being responsible, which seems to fit this site very well if you look at the latest Webby standings
  10. quote:Originally posted by USAF_Park:The receiver won't be connect. They already have GPSr's in watches that use a small receiver, the size of a pager, that sends an FM signal to the wrist band. The OEM's are already way smaller than pagers! Check these antennas out! I was going to order one and do some modifications to my Nextel, but I figured by the time I get it working, I'll need a new phone, and all the new ones will have GPS in them already. Sidenote: It was actually a FCC requirement for 95% cellphones to be able to broadcast their positions to the E-911 network by last year, to at least 100 meter accuracy...this didn't happen, but it's coming! Unfortunately, many carriers have opted to used a triangulation method of calculating location based on signal strength to their towers instead of GPS-enabled cellphones, however, several carriers are offering them, and it's only a matter of time before the signal repeater stations that are set up in larger buildings are required for all bad-signal areas...meaning your GPSr could work indoors too....Don't take my word for it: CED E-911 Article Of course, I'd still like to see all broadcasts in HDTV before we tackle the E-911 fiasco.
  11. quote:Originally posted by pdxmarathonman:If you didn't sign the logbook it's a DNF Ahh...so if it's a micro without a log, or a smallish cache without a pen/pencil (and you didn't happen to bring one), then what? Just post a note? Prick your finger and write in blood? On the same note...how much of a problem do you think it would cause if logging caches were similar to logging TB's? For example: The cache hider posts a code to the Approvers along with the cache details, and then encloses that code in the cache (either in the logbook or written in the cache container). If you want to log the cache, you hafta have the code to enter into the appropriate fields, otherwise it just goes in as a note... This could also work well for a virtual or locationless cache, as long as the owner of the cache could approve or dissaprove finds quickly. Probably not the most popular option for those "instant gratification" types that are worried about their find totals.
  12. Wow, I'm kind of surprised by how few REALLY old caches there are that haven't been found yet. MiGOput together Operation Ice Walk back in February after our Winter Social to go out and find Heisterman's Stashout in the Saginaw Bay. Heisterman's Stash was placed September 2, 2001, by clatmandu, and hadn't been logged yet. It ended up being a big hit, with legendary Michigan cachers attending such as Victory Mike, UMC, ABXguy, Uncle ED, Dayjayhak, and JimDi&TheBoyz.
  13. You think we're getting ripped off? I heard on the news a couple of days ago that as people were mass-exiting Baghdad before we started bombing, the price of gas in Iraq went from $0.04 per gallon to about $8.00 per gallon, and these are people who are lucky to make $600 per year!. Imagine what would happen to gas-station owners if the price of gas went up by 20,000% (thats 200 times!) in one day....Of course getting gas normally at about 4 cents per gallon wouldn't be all that bad either.
  14. Here is the URL for the site where you can download Corpscon (V.5.11.08) Also, try the NGS Geodetic Toolkit Hopefully that helps.
  15. quote:Originally posted by bigredmed:Really good. As for the best way to spend a half hour, I don't mean to brag, but only a half hour? Umm...no comment.... My fiance also got me I'm Just Here for the Food for xmas (great read, and could be a science book in a highschool level), and we both love to watch Good Eats and cook....which works out well, because besides her engineering job she also sells Pampered Chef stuff on the side, so our kitchen is overflowing with cool gadgets and that Stoneware stuff.
  16. I think that you're missing most of the fun of geocaching if you want to have a relationship with another cacher....The entire basis behind this activity is to annoy the heck out of your partner by constantly leaving on a cache hunt, or badgering them to go with you, or better yet, making them stop every five minutes on a ten hour drive to go grab a cache.... Without that, it just wouldn't be geocaching.
  17. I hate to steer this topic WAY off course, but I had to chime in with Dave The Cheesehead here. "Good Eats" is possibly the second best way that I could spend a half hour in my house, (and if the girlfriends not around, then it qualifies as the best!)...Alton Brown's humor is perfect, and while I'm learning about the sugar content of mid-fourteenth century cake flour, I'm actually enjoying it...whowouldathunk... Any other "Good Eats" fans out there? I hate that there's only one new episode per week, this show should replace Emeril every day!
  18. Unfortunately, my TV happened to be on this station last night while I drifted into my food-coma after dinner, and I apparently caught some of it by osmosis (perhaps by hidden, subliminal, messages?).... Did anyone happen to catch the next "reality" show premiering next week? It's called "The Family", the basic premise being that they gather a family (most likely a redneck, mullet-wearing, meth-addicted, Jerry Springer and Nascar fans family) and stick them in a "Joe Millionaire" mansion (or is the word "chateau"?) for a while until mass-hilarity and backstabbing commence, and then have the generic, under-appreciated, "hard-working" (feel bad for them) staff, pick who gets a million bucks.... Now tell me, would your family not just sign up for this, act like the Osbournes for a week, have someone will the million, then split it? How is there any drama here? Like the winner isn't going to be sharing with the rest of the shallow end of the gene pool.... I just can't wait for the close-ups of Uncle Milton staring down the perverted Grandfater-in-law as he oggles over 13 year old Peggy Sue Donna in her "look 'ma!, 'dees are 'dem rich peeple bathin' soots! 'da ones dan't only cover what parts BillyBob needs ta nok me up again!" slutty clothes that the producers sqeeze her big, fat, pimply, rear end into. If they're going to subject us to the lowest form of entertainment possible, I wish they'd just tell the kids to go to bed at 7:00 and play clips from the Spice channel...good thing I'm paying the cable company $60 a month for this crap.
  19. After seeing the movie Wild Things, I think I had seen enough of Kevin's Bacon to last me a lifetime....I mean, come on! Was that scene really necessary?
  20. NGS Geodetic Toolkit There's a little bit of surveyor mumbo-jumbo, but it's not too hard to figure out... I believe that the program you're looking for would be INVERSE (or INVERSE3D if you're interested in elevation difference as well)
  21. You know, Leica is advertising that with the cellphone RTK hookup, you can push the centimeter accuracy out to 35km from the base station.... these things can only get like 15km. (No really, it's true, it was in this months Professional Surveyor magazine!) Can you tell I'm a little biased? (We use Leica's here at work)
  22. WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System) is another group of satellites that is still in the works. Instead of the satellites moving around and always being at different spots in the sky, these will be stationary (geosynchronous). Right now there is only a couple (someone correct me on that) in operation, so it's not likely that these would cause any significant change in your readings...Sounds to me like it might be which datum you're set for, or maybe how you typed the coords in (dd.ddddd° instead of dd°mm.mmmm', etc.) I'm definately not the most informed person in this, so everyone else can go ahead an correct away!
  23. It seems that my fonts on this Website have been mixed up for the last couple days, and I've noticed it elsewhere as well (like in my Hotmail messages). I've recently been playing around with a little HTML for my signature on another forum, and I think that might have messed up how I view other webpages....Seeing as how I have next to no experience with HTML, or web pages in general, I'm asking the nice people here to give me some ideas as to how to fix this..... Thanks
  24. One thing to watch out for if you do check on benchmarks is the accuraccy of the benchmark itself. Many of the benchmarks in the NGS database are mainly intended for vertical use, and do not have very accurate horizontal (lat/long) coords. Check to see whether it is a 1A, 1B, 3C, etc. (I forget what the actual abbreviations are) to see how accurate it is.
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