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Watching a cache

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I have watched caches for many different reasons. Ive been there, Im thinking of going there, I thought it was interesting and want to see what others thought, there was a problem or I couldn't find and I want to know what comes of that, sometimes Ill watch a new cache just to see who finds it and what they think. I also often watch caches nearest my own, its interesting to see how some people pick and choose and some just find every cache they can icon_smile.gif


If you want to know whos watching your cache, try posting a note asking if those watching might say who they are. Sometimes they do, something they don't theres not any way to knowf for sure.



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I watch one of my all time favorite caches...a way difficult multi with both physical and puzzle portions. Having completed it, I like to hear of others that join this exclusive fraternity.


Others I watch are those in my area that might have lots of 'do-dads' on the cache page (sound loops, animation, etc.) that slow down my computer too much or drive me nuts with the sound. That way I can read the posts and never have to pull up the pages and bog down my computer.


"Could be worse...could be raining"

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I watch every cache I've found and any cache I find to be particularly interesting.


In the first case, I like to to see how other's experiences differed from (or mirrored) mine. In the latter case, I simply like to read the stories.


"Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he'll sit in a boat and drink beer all day" - Dave Barry

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Originally posted by TEAM 360:

I like to watch.


That sounds familiar...


I'll watch a cache if I leave something a notch or two above average just to see who takes it. I'll also watch caches of friends and family to see what's going on. I'll watch a cache that skunked me just so I can see if others make it easy, or get skunked like I did. I'll watch a cache to see what happens to a travelbug. I'll watch a cache that I know I can't be first finder on to see who's going to be first.


That about sums up my reasons.

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I watch prospestive caches to make sure they aren't archived before I get to them or if some special circumstance might hold me off from hunting it.


After I found one, I like to watch until the next finder gets it. It mnakes me feel better knowing that I didn't inadverrtantly leave it exposed to get plundered.


I continue to watch TB's to see where they wind up.


However, in your case nonnipoppy, if people are watching you, I'd be careful... You never know.


Alan icon_wink.gif

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I watch the caches I intend to do in the near future, for any possible problems.


And I watch the caches I've done, quite simply because I like reading other people's experiences of caches that I now know.


Oh, and I was followed by a black helicopter once, but served me right for walking over the border into what was then the German Democratic Republic...





"Ah, take the Cache and let the Credit go..."

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, trans. Edward Fitzgerald

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Some of the caches I watch are puzzle caches that I haven't figured out yet.

I also watch a half dozen nearby caches, to keep a close eye on them and I like to go grab travel bugs that get placed in the caches. I also keep an eye on the top ten caches, (in my book,) even if they are across the country Like a River in my Soul



How do they get a deer to cross at that yellow road sign?


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