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EasyGPS waypoints


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I know nothing about the legend but you should be able to turn on your gps and hit the upload button on the easygps software and that should do it as long as you have the software set for your gps. The way points will show up on the screen like any that you put in manually. Keep in mind the size of the upload because that unit should only hold 500 waypoints. I'm not sure what happens when you have more in easygps than the gpsr can hold, haven't tried it. Try it, you can't hurt anything.



So far so good, somewhat new owner of a second/new Garmin GPS V 20 plus finds so far with little to no problem. We'll see what happens when there are leaves on the trees again.

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I have a legend and all you have to do is download to easy GPS and click on GPS and then download to gps. Thats all. To go get one jest click options (on the map page, the top left button) and pan map. Put that pan pointer on whatever cache you want, click it and click goto. Hope this helps.


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Downloading is a snap with the legend. EasyGPS has a facility for detecting a good connection to your unit.


You must setup or verify that your eTrex to refer to WGS 84 Map Datum. To do this from the main menu of the Legend: Setup> Units> Map Datum> WGS 84.


I manage my waypoints in EasyGPS into two categories files. Found Caches and Not Found Caches. You can either control the icon there in EasyGPS or on your eTrex.


I first began by changing the waypoint names to descriptions thinking it would be easier. I now just going off the GXXXX numbers. I have recommended to Garmin to allow for a Waypoint description field in addition to the waypoint name, so that it could autoatically populated when downloading from EasyGPS.



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I have a Legend and I really like the ease of downloading the waypoints with EasyGPS.


One great feature of the Legend is that is you've downloaded the waypoints within a reasonable distance, you can 'Find the Nearest' one to your current location.


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Originally posted by umc:

I'm not sure what happens when you have more in easygps than the gpsr can hold, haven't tried it.


The software will just happily keep sending waypoints to the GPSr, and the Legend will just happily stop accepting new ones, so you'll only the the first 500-however many were already stored.


One nice trick that I "discovered" is that you can keep multiple files handy. I have a file containing a set of points I call "Keeper Waypoints". These are the locations of caches I have hidden (plus the coordinates for multis that wouldn't show up in a GPX query), plus other points I want to save like my home, etc. By keeping this in a separate file, I can then do the "Clear all waypoints" on the Legend and have as much space as I need to upload the weekly GPX file and not have to worry about losing my other points. If I ever want to do some cache maintenance, I can clear out the unit and re-upload my keeper list.


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