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Nude Geocaching

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Nudist resorts often have trails associated with them, so these would be potential places to locate caches.


The problem is they are not publicly available, either requiring a grounds fee or membership before you can get access.


I wonder if the subject has been discussed by a geocacher special interest group of The Naturist Society. Hmmm.

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Atlas Beach and Playalinda Beach (both on the Space Coast of Florida near Titusville) are the only places I'm aware of where nudists abound on public land. Both beaches are part of the Canaveral National Seashore.


In fact, it is precisely because they're on Federal land that the nudists can disrobe ... some strange loopholes in the law do not allow local ordinances or state laws against nudity to apply on Federal land, and no one in the federal government ever saw the need to specifically outlaw nudity.


So, if you want to "skinny-cache", that might be the place icon_smile.gif



Scott Johnson (ScottJ)

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Originally posted by King Pellinore:

--majic_man_? Hi-heels?? Hm, McLoud OK must be some kind of place! LOL Whatever floats your boat I suppose!


Actually, the last time I heard the words, "I'm a magic man", they were sung by a woman ... the group "Heart" to be exact!



Scott Johnson (ScottJ)

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Originally posted by USAF_Park:

Too cold up here to cache in the nude. It would shrivel up and go into hiding...


Then, much like your car, you should mark it as a waypoint so you can find it at the end of the days hunting icon_eek.gif.


I wonder what icon you would use?


GPSr's...A step in the right direction!

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