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  1. Just woke up from recovering from my new World Record attempt and couldn't wait to crow about it! I can't show you a map of the caches because they're not all published here. By far, most are published over on terracaching.com. As most of you know TC.com doesn't have any rules restricting how close caches can be to each other. A friend and I organized this attempt. He placed each and every one on his own and published each one using an automated system. His sponsors were so kind to hold their noses and look the other way while hitting the "Approve" buttons. (We had to use TC.com because we don't have the connections at Groundspeak to bend the rules like other people can.) How it was done was a feat just in itself. We raided every Walmart film kiosk for miles to get 2,000 film cans. The easy part was buying the survey markers flags. Next we taped a film can to flag wire part just below the flag itself. Then cut strips of paper to put in the film cans. Then my buddy (I'm not going to say his name because of all you naysayers out there) took almost a month of placing and publishing the caches. In the meantime, I found an old mail carrier Jeep because it's right hand drive and stocked it with an extra 32 gallon tank and a cooler for Redbull drinks--gotta have fuel for the Jeep and me! I bought another GPS because the one I had couldn't hold all those caches. I mounted a laptop and wired the GPS's to 12v so I didn't have to worry about batteries. Thankfully the Jeep still had the flashy yellow lights, they would come in handy. Instead of signing the logs or even using stickers, I used a self inking stamp custom made with "7's Record Attempt on March 31, 2010" I started at midnight on State road 27. The caches were placed about 50 feet apart and about 12 inches off the black top. I made pretty good progress, but after a couple of hours I started to cramp from all the bending over to get the film cans. Next time we're going to make the flags taller. Also, what slowed me down was actually having to push buttons on the GPS for each next cache. Next time it's going to be automated somehow. My mind is too fried right now to figure out how. So, there you have it. I've far surpassed any other attempt at the most caches found in any one 24 hours. Also, kudos go out to my buddy who has made the fastest geocaching course ever devised. I feel confident that these two records will stand for a long time.
  2. No, SE7EN is the sock puppet of a prolific poster and neither this or the primary account has been banned. The sock puppet was specifically created to post cache ideas without giving it away to the locals. The profile thing was just harmless play, though it highlighted a serious security flaw in the site which has since been closed. That thread is funny as HECK! I noticed though, that Jeremy closed it with "There must be something in the water in Mercerville, NJ", but the profile (or the posts) didnt mention his location, which is odd. I've not figured it out--not that I've given it much thought--but there is tracking of users involved. This is well beyond user accounts or IP's. Not to make anyone paranoid or anything.
  3. Well, there you go. You HAD to say something didn't you? You hear that? That's black helicopters. Oh, right, you can't hear them in "whisper mode." Better grab your bug out bag and get out, get out NOW! Ruuuunn!!!!
  4. Cool new page. I like it!
  5. Any chance of getting a trianglation function in the next update? It can coordinate/azimuth pair calculation, but I'm also looking for coordinate/distance pair calculation. (Yes, I know the result is two points.) Thanks!
  6. At this point in the game, it's going to be fairly hard to come up with something that no one has thought of before. I do have a couple of ideas rolling around in my head that I haven't seen before, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if it hadn't been thought of or even implimented.
  7. Death Dealer? Yep! Arguably his most recognizable painting.
  8. That's good to know. Are there any plans for a "Recipe for a Good Cachemachine" page? I'd like to know there is at least some guidance for someone else attempting to duplicate what you're doing.
  9. How are the events posted? As regular cache events? How far out do you plan the event?
  10. As I was writing my last post, two people have made posts that were constructive. The other was not. A prime example of what I meant. I have been thinking about revising one of my points I posted. Level headed posts above confirmed my thoughts. When cachemachines come to my area I will be putting my request directly on the cache page. I do have to agree, it's only fair. Why should anyone be penalized for the failure of a coordinator? With it directly on the cache page, they will know tha cachemachines aren't welcome, but would be free to hunt it at any other time. For the other solution of removing the cache, it's a good one, but not one that could be relied on. I might not get a notice about the event. Also, it would deny those that are not part of a cachemachine from hunting it. But if i did, I'd probably put down a yellow laminated card stating the cache is offline. That way, they wouldn't (hopefully) tear up the area looking for the nonexistent cache. Thank you two for the feedback.
  11. In my mind, not everyone has a valid opinion. I completely disregarded the opinions of those who are prone to snide remarks. I also completely disregarded those who I have unpleasant histories with. I put very little weight on those that didn't really have a reason for opinion. Besides, how much stock would you put in a smart aleck's opinion? Of course, some folks opinions have more weight than others as I've read more of their posts and they tend to be level headed and thoughtful. One such person genarally supported my view. Given that I already had a viewpoint and not enough people that I respected gave me reasons to change my mind, my mind didn't change that much. Trust me, I'm not so stubborn that I would never admit to being wrong. I just haven't been presented with any other workable solution to cachemachines potentially compromising a cache without leaving it in the hands of another. EDIT: I forgot the quote.
  12. I agree with the majority of your post. I would hate to have to delete logs, but that really is the only enforcement tool any of us have. Someone mentioned earlier that putting up such request for no cachemachine visits may cause me to be perceived as "a grump." You mention that deleting logs of cachemachiners might cause animosity. Let's look at it from the other side. How much of a grump would I be if my cache were compromised by a cachemachine? How much animosity would I have if a cachemachine visited my cache even after I requested it not to? The only thing necessary is for all cachemachine coordinators make sure that the cache owners of caches on their list approve of their caches being hit. It's really not that hard. If someone is going to take the time to plan an event like what's been mentioned, it is nothing to click on the profile to see if there is no prohibitions. I applaud the coordinators up to this point for being gentlemen and removing caches upon request. However, what's to prevent someone coordinating an event who is not as much of a gentleman. Like I said, the only real enforcement tool any of us have to force compliance with our wishes is the delete button.
  13. See above. There is a difference between a cache getting hit by a cachemachine and getting hit by a person participating in a cachemachine. If my cache is not on the cachemachine list, then you shouldn't have to worry.
  14. The deal is this guy expects you to look at everyones profile. If the organizer doesn't look at his profile and it you show up by yourself during a cache machine this guy is going to delete your log. Too bad he doesn't have the guts to use his caching profile, if he really has one. That would make it easy to avoid his caches totally just in case he has some other rules we don't know about yet. I certainly don't check profiles before I go caching. Maybe you need to go back and read my posts. I didn't say I would delete your logs if your are part of a cachemachine. I said I would delete logs of everyone who are part of the cachemachine that hit my cache. Quoting myself, "...let them know I plan to back it up with a deletion if necessary--especially if the cache is compromised. " Note that I left myself an out, but made it clear if you and your group screwed up my cache site expect me to follow through. Don't be putting words in my mouth.
  15. I think you're missing an important point. When I scout locations, I look at the site to see if it can handle caching traffic. While I do tend to favor durable surfaces, this is not always an option. Next, I make a determination if the site can handle traffic. I'm thinking the max traffic might be two or three people at once and visited maybe twice a week. If I think the site can handle two or three people at once and then is able to recover in a day or two, then it's a candidate. See, the main difference is 30 people, all on one day, versus 30 people, each a week or better spread out over a few months. Grass can only handle so much traffic at once. It takes time to recover. Forest debris takes time to rebuilt and cover evidence of someone walking by. Large numbers of people disappearing into the woods over a short period might attract the attention of bystanders and they may follow--who's know who are cachers and who are not? I don't scout cache sites with a cachemachine in mind. To head off anyone's next comment, no, I don't think I should be either. I place caches for individuals and small groups spread out of a long time period, not a horde on one day.
  16. Yes, it's Boris' work. How about some Frazetta for a while?
  17. I want to thank everyone who responded with constructive comments, both pro and con. After weighing your comments and thoughts I some thoughts of my own. I don't think the onus should be on the cache owner to watch for upcoming cachemachine events. Cachemachines are not part of the ordinary caching realm and therefore the onus is on the cachemachine coordinator to make sure these events are acceptable to the cache owner. Some cache owners might not get notified of upcoming events unless contacted directly. I'm not going to clutter up each of my cache pages with requests to not include my cache in a cachemachine event. It's up to the coordinator to find out if he can include any of my caches. Cachers complaints of deleted logs should be toward the coordinator for failing to plan properly. I will be putting my desires on my profile so when a coordinator views it he will not have to waste his time asking. A properly planned event wouldn't have any problems from me because I deleted log as there wouldn't be any logs from a cachemachine. I will tactfully make the request to not include my caches, but firmly let them know I plan to back it up with a deletion if necessary--especially if the cache is compromised. It would be sad if I had to follow through with deletions, but because my caches were included when I clearly didn't want it, then they've shown a lack of respect and left me with no choice. While I already do check online logs against paper logs, I will be extra diligent when it comes to those whose logs I've had to delete. I will allow finds at a later period, but only if they actually visit the site and sign the paper logbook. I already have caches that run the gamut of beginner-style caches to fairly extreme, both urban and rural. However, I will not plan a cache with the thought of avoiding a cachemachine. While I do enjoy meeting others and going to meetings, I doubt I would ever participate in a cachemachine. I don't see the point in it and I would worry too much about compromising someone's cache by giving it too many visits in one day. Temporary event caches, I don't have a problem with as they are just that and I don't expect them to last long. Again, thank you everyone who posted constructive comments; especially carleenp and Lep, both of whom I have fair amount of respect. Also, thanks to Right Wing Wacko for explaining things and not getting all defensive over it. I'm leaving this thread open for further comment.
  18. Go to the cache page and list all of the logs. When the page fully loads, hold the CTRL key and tap F. Type in the name and click FIND NEXT. If it's spelled correctly, it'll show up. Another trick: Go to Google, type in "site:geocaching.com" and the town name and hit enter. It will list all of the pages it has with the town name on the geocaching.com site. EDIT: two people beat me to it!
  19. Are you aware of any problems that have occured during these events? I'm more interested in the integrity of the cache and surroundings. As mentioned above, my biggest fear is loss of a cache, either by having to move it or being stolen. I cache with a partner. I also have cached in the groups of up to 8 eight members. Multiple, responsible cachers at one time doesn't bother me. It's the thought of 20-30 cachers in the area all on one day that bothers me. What do these cache sites look like the day after? Thanks for your input.
  20. I have both urban and rural caches. Many of my urban ones are off the beaten path for security reasons--an attempt at preventing muggle discovery--therefore the area is sensitive to trampling. It can handle the occasional visitor, just not a horde at one time. Second, a new reason for them to be discouraged at my caches, as mentioned above, cache machines happen in high density, urban areas. Wouldn't this draw undue attention and with it the much higher risk of them being compromised? Anyway, back to the topic. I'm not wanting to ban cache machines, just discourage them from my caches. Can I enforce a "no cache machine" request?
  21. One way to do it as was explained to me is the hider solves the puzzle then writes the numbers so it spans OR three sides for each set. As you write them you randomly rotate the digits to throw off using orientation to solve it. Then you fill the rest of the squares with random numbers being careful not to create a second set of starting numbers. In other words, if your longitude is 82­° then don't have any other 8's and 2's together. Use a cube keychain and attach a travel bug tag and then you add a "Key to Nutria" (sp? I don't have time to look it up) element to it. You must first find the cube, solve anyway you can, and then find the cache/next stage. Some folks will be able to solve the cube faster than most of the cheaters! But I'm not one of them, I'd "cheat."
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