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  1. Seansbar, Nate and I will be there ..as well as Seansbar's brother and sister (jeepseansman & puck009) and my sister and her family (the geosliders) I hope the hurricanes leave us alone this year!
  2. I consider North of New York City IS upstate New York! I love those regional upstate/downstate ideas ....people from NYC consider themselves upstate once you cross under the sign on I87 (i think) that reads "upstate" ...I'm in Saratoga and figure south of Albany as heading downstate. A friend of mine who lives in Keeseville (about 45 minutes south of Canada) considers anything south of Warrensburg as downstate .....not that I think is a bit excessive!
  3. You know I've been caching for a little over a year and I love it. When rules started being written about no dangerous items in caches(guns, knives, lighters, etc.) I had no problem with it (it just reminded me of my college sculpture professor telling me "you have to idiot-proof your work") ...it's the same thing as making drugs illegal - we are preventing people from killing themselves, what is next - making butter illegal because it contributes to heart disease??? I know these are extreme comparrisons - but it is in the same vein. Do we really have to idiot-proof the world? Isn't that what the Darwin Awards are for? OK ...so fine, ban dangerous items. But what is the point narrowing the field of play in geocaching and creating some kind of predictable sport. Won't it get boring??? People whine wqy too much -- people have become weak and forget that you have a mind and the purpose of that mind is to make decisions. With those decisions you will hopefully take some action and that action will have consequences. Take responcibility for the consequences of your actions and stop whining that you have to LOOK at a cache that you don't like on your cache page. I don't usually go off like this but enough is enough! ..I'm thinking I'm going to stop reading the forums (it's a constant b*tch session! I feel like i;m still @ the office!!!) and I'm going to get out in the woods and do what I enjoy ...hunt treasure.
  4. quote: One of the main reasons I haven't bought an XP box is because I'll have to go buy Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark all over again. That adds another $1500 to the price tag! ...like upgrading to OSX all over again ..I still haven't bought my updates for illustrator, Quark and InDesign (although I upgraded photoshop) so I have to start up in system 9 to run them.
  5. I'm a mac user too!!! My first computer was an Apple IIe. Now I use OSX on a G4 Powerbook I love my mac, but i have to admit I get pretty frustrated by the lack of software and excessive pricing ..no AutoCAD, no good topo(at least I haven't found any), even Pixar's Renderman is only being made for windows and UNIX and Pixar/Disney/Apple are related companies. Every once in a while I think about selling the Mac and going to PC so I can use AutoCAD and 3Dmax ...but I just don't have the heart to do it.
  6. everything already mentioned (well except for the machette - utility blade works fine for me) and... no one said head net for bugs or bug spray!!!! it is nearly impossible to cache without them in the summertime in upstate NY. ....also extra socks (I can't resist puddles ) sewing kit, iodine (to purify water --- haven't needed it yet), extra shoelaces and I also carry a couple of $'s and some change in the backpack ..just in case I run out of gas or something ...oh yeah .... & i keep a tent and a sleeping bag in my car ...but that's mostly because you never know when you're going to want to go camping for the night
  7. pretty funny!!!!!! Sometimes I get to feeling just like that when I'm searching for a cache. ....although, I'd change it so people don't fall down and hurt themselves
  8. hey this is off topic, but i just wanted to say thanks for mentioning the bluegrass ...i love bluegrass and am always looking for new festivals ...another reason to visit my sister ..she & her husband just bought a house in VA ...
  9. i use internet explorer and "remember me" works fine for me
  10. ...it's not a find ...maybe he hit the wrong button (benefit of the doubt) ...but i'd email him saying "oops did you hit the wrong button" and tell him you'll delete the log so he can re-enter it correctly
  11. well hello my pretty... i have a nice apple for you
  12. ...well without all the battles ...but i would really like to have a parrot on my shoulder i love the hunting for treasure ...i used to hide shoeboxes of misc. stuff in the woods behind my house and make a map for my friends to find it ( i really thought they belived me when i said i found a treasure map ...well until that one kid looked at the copyright date on the flintsones book in the box ...what 8 year old knows about copyright!!!!???!! ...i digress..) i love being in the woods and finding a bucket of stuff at the end just makes me feel like a kid again
  13. quote: They also said that current laws mandate that they do an environmental impact assessment / study whenever anything is asked to be placed in a park. Maybe that's backlash from the Alaska Pipeline or something, but that was cited as a reason why they'd be unable to approve physical caches. That's a pretty harsh determination!! You don't want to get involved in doing an environmental site assesment (at least in NYS) ..you'll be gathering info from both state and federal agenies to determine if you will be impacting endangered species, wetlands, watersheds, traffic study, noise study, visual impact study, archeological (NYSOHPR requires a Phase 1 archeological study on any site which simply has no archeological data listed) ...etc.... so when all is said and done you'll be spending $10,000 in engineering fees to place a cache!
  14. I found out about geocaching through a friend at work (he found out about through an article in GIS trade magizine) I got into it because I love treasure hunting (used to set treasures and draw maps as a kid) GPSr cost $180, setting a cache = about $30, cache loot = about $3-5 each, new cache pack = about $30. Other hiking gear I already owned. I started in jan of 2002 ...and how often varies depending on weather (it has been a rough winter) - during the summer i try to go every weekend. Good Luck on the Report!! -jeannine
  15. i quilt with my mom and sister and would love to help ... my sister does signature quilts for the her kids teachers every year (she is also a cacher) if you like i'll ask her about patterns she has used.
  16. i work in a small engineering office (doing computer sims) ...but being that it is small i get to go out on survey sometimes. i love being able to get outside ..finding stone walls and monuments ...its the taking inverts of manholes down by the river i can do without ...ewh!! mixed sanitary and storm lines
  17. i did the same thing on a trip to Florida last year -- i was very entertained watching our speed on the plane and then seeing the route when i got home. I just flew to DC (on ACA a division of United) a few weeks ago and during the the flight attendants little speech they said that a GPS cannot be used during flight. i asked my sister about it (she's a pilot) and she doesn't know why they won't allow it anymore ...guess it's all new
  18. how 'bout this one... walking stick ...never know when you are going to need a blow gun while caching!!!
  19. man oh man I would have run like hell! but my brain likes to play tricks on me anyway. I was terrified doing BrianSnat's murder mystery ..best virtual i have ever done!
  20. i sculpted a tree knot (or burhl, i think??) out of clay and then cast it in plaster and painted it to match the existing bark. People really seemed to enjoy the idea camo cache i just disabled the cache yesterday, because i think all the snow this winter is going to cause a bit of flooding soon (stage 2 of the cache is very close to the river) ...i can't wait until i can put it back up
  21. thank you -- i did a search using the word adopt also and nothing came up -- maybe it timed out or something ...who knows!?! but thanks for the info
  22. This may have been covered somewhere else, but i can't seem to find it. How do i adopt a cache? A local cacher has been called back to the army and is asking for someone to adopt his cache, I emailed him and have not recieved a responce so i am assuming he has already left. I wanted to make the cache a tribute to the armed forces and ask people to put letters/drawings for soldiers in the cache and then i'd mail them out - i don't just want to add the info in a log, because people may not see it. So how do i do this? thanks! jeannine
  23. now that is a great idea! nail polish doesn't come off of anything. ...i could try sealing it with a flexible poly to protect it.
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