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Excellent cache containers

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These are good containers, but they are not suitable for a lot of areas. I would not put one in a popular park, or any place where there is a possibility of someone stumbling on it. To the uninitiated, it screams pipe bomb.


Also, be sure to label it clearly as a geocache and place contact info on the outside, just in case. This advice is good for all cache containers.


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I used a couple of these for caches. They were well liked. So well in fact that one was stolen. They took the tube and left the cache contents on the ground. Ripped the geocaching sticker off it too boot.


The other is still out there. Well marked, well hidden in a small not so busy park in town.



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When a thread like this comes up there is usually someone who says 'label it so that it can be seen to be a 'GeoCache' as opposed to a pipe bomb (or some other type of bomb).

Now, I am not having a go at people who say that because it is a VERY good point and well made. My thought is this however.....

How many muggles, and even officials such as cops, will recognise either the logo or even the words 'Official GeoCache'???

Sure, do go ahead and label your containers. It is a good thing to do if even one person sees and knows the meaning of such a label. But, remember that anyone who is scared enough of what they see to question it, is not likely to get close enough to read the 'small print'...

If the location of your cache is such that painting the container will not spoil it for the seeker then perhaps, as suggested by gmaxis, something like a bright yellow, (or even pink!) MIGHT help. Oh, I know that terrorists can buy pink and yellow paint, it's just that EVERYTHING to keep our pass time out of an unfavourable light has to be good.


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Out of over 100 caches I've placed, the one hidden in a mortar tube is the only one to have been been stolen outright. I guess they are just too cool of containers. Luckily, a nearby surplus store sells them for $5, so no big loss. big_smile.gif



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Other than the fact that it is long and skinny, how does this container scream 'pipe bomb'? A prototypical pipe bomb is made from an iron pipe, two end caps, a fuse and some bangy stuff (perhaps nails and stuff added for fun). They are also not generally used in the woods. Busses, movie theaters, restaurants, churches,-yes. Forests-no.


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Originally posted by WildcatRegi:

Just found these http://store.karstsports.com/karst/otbox10ser.html, looks like they'd be good for those level-5 caches.


Otter boxes are awesome -- we use them in scuba diving, but usually keep them on the boat with the electronics enclosed. One fellow I know has one small one that he took to 100' and it didn't leak!


Joel (joefrog)


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