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Where to get ammo boxes/cans???

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Hi all! I'm sure this topic has been covered before (probably numerous times), but I've been away from Geocaching for a few months. I had purchased some ammo boxes/cans (whatever you want to call them) over the internet quite a while ago to use for Geocaching & need to get some more, but can't remember the website where I got them. Does anybody know where to get these???? Thanks in advance!


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Originally posted by Squealy:

Army/Navy surplus stores - just picked up a few at Jay's Military on Hemp Tpk on LI - $6 for a .30 and I think $8 for a .50 - good if you're not buying in bulk (90 ammo cans - holy crap!)


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Glad I don't live where you are if you consider those good prices. At the surplus store here a .30 is $2.95 and a .50 I think was $4.95......


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I paid $4.95 for a 7.62mm ammo can when I was in Billings, MT a few weeks ago. I'm hoping that Larada's nearby has them that cheap as well. But, since I help maintain the contents of the aforementioned cache, a source of mine is even cheaper than that! icon_smile.gif


By the way, the cache isn't going to be replenished until the Magellan hunt is over. icon_biggrin.gif



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I think Cheaperthandirt is selling a six pack of the .30 cal boxes for $19. I've come to prefer the .30 cal size. They have plenty of room, but are a lot easier to hide than the .50 cal


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Here's a great little link concerning buying stuff directly from the US MIlitary. Get the phone numbers for local installations and make a few phone calls. This is where all of the retailers are getting their stuff from and are selling it to the public at a tremendous mark up. Some of the DRMO offices have some pretty interesting containers and often have public sales.




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Originally posted by StormShadow:

One thing to be wary of is that many DRMO sales are by lot. Very seldom in my area do you get a lot of 50 ammo cans. More often than not, you'll get an ammo can and 1/2 a ton of old electrical cable or the like.


If they can fit all of that into an ammo can, they deserve a promotion!


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I would definitely suggest looking for a surplus store in your area. I've ordered cans online, but then you might get a certain percentage that are dirty, rusty, smelly, have gunk from old stickers, etc. When you go in person, you can pick out the nicest ones. Plus, ammo cans are heavy, so shipping can be expensive. The cans I got online were okay, but the ones I picked out myself were much nicer (and, with shipping counted in, cheaper). At any rate, be prepared to air them out for several days if you don't want your cache contents to smell like ammo box.

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