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Coffee cup cache?

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Originally posted by DeerChaser & Poni:

What do ya'll think? Dumb idea? I bet everyone has cups they would love to get rid of.


Ok, are you talking about making a themed cache about cups? Or using a cup as a cache?? icon_confused.gif

Because I found a cache that WAS one of those plastic fountain cups... And that turned out to not work very well... icon_rolleyes.gif



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Don't be discouraged, Rygel! Just because someone planted a such-and-such cache in Minnesota, doesn't mean you can't do a similar one in New Jersey. Reading the forums is a great source of ideas for new and different caches to hide. (It is good form, though, to give credit to the originator, by including a note on the cache page like "this cache was inspired by UserABC's cache, GC1234...."



I was formerly employed by the Department of Redundancy Department, but I don't work there anymore.

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The Last lap gang has mug shot which is a coffee mug type exchange....at least that is the theme of it.


I was on my way to this one last week when a snow storm hit...so i ended up go to 2 local caches.


I heard that large caches are starting to be the norm for this region....


There is nothing like a Packrat who is a geocacher.

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I think that's an awesome idea. That would be cool, as long as people trade nice mugs, and not their spent cups o' china. icon_biggrin.gif

This Ain't your Starbuck's by GeoGoddess, Waterlily & Epigirl (subscriber-only cache)


Is an excellent example of how this idea works. Great variety of mugs, too!


I say go for it. If it's new to your area, you are indeed "breaking ground" with the idea. That would be cool.


If you hide it, they will come.

Grandmaster Cache


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If someone does do a coffe mug cache and they see a Survivor Outback Mug let me know!


I collect them. I had the Outback one but someone stoled it off my desk at work. I can't seem to find any even on Ebay!!


Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.

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Originally posted by Rygel:

This makes my wonder if there is any new idea for a cache!!


It seems everytime someone suggests one somebody's already done it or its not allowed!


Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.


Always different...Hit refresh


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