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Is it just me.....


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I really like the idea,though it might be a bit more at risk for frustrated vandalism. I hope it lasts a good long time. It would be kind of neat to come across a key in a cache someday that would open a box in timbucktwo.... might even prompt a sidestep in a trip someday.

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simply do a search for caches found by Team GPS and check those logs to find where the keys are within a 50 mile radius, go get the key and go get the cache. Fun! Wish I lived near a cache like this. Or near a town called Novelty, now that is a novelty.


Cache you later,



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I'm ok with the idea of keys; I certainly wouldn't look for it until I came across a key.


I *can* imagine an increased probability of someone calling the bomb squad to investigate a locked ammobox with "electrical and mechanical" contents. That's not necessarily a deal-breaker, either, but there would be some extra concern that it's especially well-hidden and/or relevant information is available on the outside of the container.


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The only problem I could see with this cache is for those folks who download coords and seek caches without reading the cache description. IF that happens (and could be a long-shot) it might be useful for the owners to post an explanation on the cache itself.


But that probably won't be necessary.


Sounds like fun!

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but I bet Runaround was concerned from a public safety standpoint.


Try to imagine the Geomuggle point of view: "oh look, a military-looking box. Hmmm - I wonder what TeamGPS means. Maybe I shouldn't, but I'll look inside. Oh, it's locked.


Hello, 911?"


Now, if the cacher laminated the usual intro sheet to the outside of the container, I'd be less concerned. Still, it's not as simple to me as: "What's the big deal? Of course it's OK!"



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I guess I had a couple of concerns.


First, the cache owner has found only 3 caches and only one of the logs speaks of the keys. If the key was a Travel Bug, I think it would be more practical. At least there were ways to keep track of the keys with the other caches referenced. I'm expecting the key to go MIA fairly quickly.


Second, we've already had one locked cache damaged in the area. It had a combo lock and the description included a mathematical problem to solve to get the combination. As an alternative, you could go to other multi-cache points and get the coords. Well, someone solved the "problem" with a large rock. We've also had a few caches that were frozen shut that people "opened" with various tools, ruining the caches.


Lastly, a locked military surplus box full of electrical and mechanical parts? Let's hope someone doesn't find it accidentally or I think we'll have a bomb squad scare.


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Originally posted by Runaround:

Lastly, a locked military surplus box full of electrical and mechanical parts? Let's hope someone doesn't find it accidentally or I think we'll have a bomb squad scare.

If it's locked, how would anyone KNOW its full of electrical and mechanical parts?


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