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OMG someone S@#% in my cache!

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That makes me so angry! What is wrong with people???? I have had a travelbug and a cache stolen, pretty low, but man, this is WAY lower! I don't understand why people feel the need to be such jerks, I mean you went to effort to put this out there for people to find and enjoy, you even relocated it when you found that it's location was tough due to poison oak, and what's the first thing some jerk does? They go and defecate in it! It is possible some non-cacher did it, that it was some stupid drunk who stumbled upon it by accident, but chances are better that it is someone who knew about geocaching, and went looking for it with purpose to be a jerk. Of course they are not only a low life sleaze ball, but they also are a coward, as they didn't fess up to the act even. This is yet another example of why members only caches are starting to look attractive to me.


ummmm....not sure what to say here....so ummm, well errrr, uhhhh, well I guess that's it.

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Somehow I doubt it was a cacher, from the pictures I saw it looks like a popular destination and if a box is not hidden very well they are stumbled across pretty frequently. I have seen many entries in log books about people stumbling across a cache in a area you would think is semi remote.

I am in favor of editors in forums. It just weeds out the rift-raft.


But I don't think it would have helped this case.


It might have been someone who stumbled across Geocaching.com and thought it might be fun to do this, then it would have helped, but most jerks are not that ambitious.



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Na, this isn't the first person in the Oregon area to have a cache deficated in. There is definately someone in the area who likes to vandalize caches, steal caches, steal travelbugs. In Salem alone we had three travel bugs go missing and at least two caches go missing...plus the cache I put out that was stolen could ONLY be found by the person who took my travel bug, I was hoping they would return the bug, but instead they stole the cache too. It was well hidden, and in briars, so I know it wasn't found by accident. We have some loser, or losers in the area, who get a kick out of spoiling other peoples good time it seems.


ummmm....not sure what to say here....so ummm, well errrr, uhhhh, well I guess that's it.

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We had problems with someone in Orlando, FL who was switching caches around, eventually they stopped, not sure what happened to them. The best thing you can do is to temporarily disable the cache and wait 30 to 60 days in the hopes that they lose interest. Have to admit this is a new one though, defecating in the cache.

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Originally posted by RAD Dad:

That makes me so angry! What is wrong with people???? I have had a travelbug and a cache stolen, pretty low, but man, this is WAY lower! I don't understand why people feel the need to be such jerks ... This is yet another example of why members only caches are starting to look attractive to me.


Why? How would that stop anything? An idiot of that magnitude would become a member by nefarious means and continue unabated. The MOC audit trail would only narrow down the list of potential suspects.


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My Bastion cache was recently reported as having been plundered, albeit not entirely. The log said it was out in the open and had 2" of water inside (small ammo can) as well as inside the freezer size ziplock baggie. The finder apparently emptied it and rehid it.


I checked up on it and decided to temporarily archive it so I could take it home and replenish it since most the items now inside were either soaked or junk. When I opened it at home, I immediately got a whiff of a quite pungent odor. I don't think it was necessarily full of water as described. The ammo can seals very well and it hadn't rained here so much lately as to fill it that much.


As the cache was near a high school, I've got my suspicions about what it was full of. I've sanitized it and have it ready to redeploy, but not likely in the same location.



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Sorry to hear that it happened to Your Cache.It did reminded me of a post I read on Slashdot back in September:


I went back to look for it:

Re:Kinda fun actually... I should know, I'm doing (Score:1)

by Torak- (torak@addUMLAUTict.net.nz minus punct) on Monday September 25, @07:33PM (#754943)

(User #198078 Info | http://slashdot.org/)

This whole thing sounds like a great idea, but people just aren't trustworthy or not. I can just imagine some gimp's idea of a 'prize' would be taking a hard s%^& in the bucket...


The Thread discusses some other "creative" ideas of what to do to a geocache:






If it's not one thing, then it's another...


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It happened here too. Check the Mar 10 and Mar 12 logs. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.asp?ID=4571

The cache owner never has contacted me and the new container I placed is still there. A secluded campsite near the cache is mainly used by kids/teens/scouts. I think it was someone who accidentally found the cache and then decided to play a sick prank. I've had three caches disappear this year and figure it's something you just have to expect eventually. Can't understand how being listed as a MOC would help. This particular cache is rarely visited as is and was not well hidden. Utah Jean

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I doubt that this is a *REAL* geocacher who did this, but instead someone who might read the site and go look for "excitement". They might even read the forums to get a chuckle from your distress. A$$holes are like that.


After reading some of the other logs prior to this incident, though, it seems like this spot is pretty popular with an unpopular crowd. Whenever you find an area where there are a lot of empty beer cans and people just "hang out", you can bet that the cache will be found and looted or, as in this case, worse.


Retreive the container (or not) and place another cache in a less trafficked area. I'm sorry that this happened to your first cache placed. It has to kind of sour you a bit. Take heart in knowing that it is those of us who seek and enjoy your caches that really matter.


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From your cache description ...

This cache will take some effort to reach, no free lunch here!


It may not be tasty but it is free.


Technically, you're suppose to leave something if you eat something, so I guess free isn't that appropriate. icon_wink.gif


BTW, anyone want to fetch that container for me? icon_rolleyes.gif

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Same thing happened to me - everything but the log book was taken and some dog poop put in the container. The next finder removed the offending matter, did a quick clean up and put in normal trade goods. There online log was really quiet humerous. I made a follow-up visit to do a more complete cleaning and restock the cache. I relocated it about 50 ft. away to another spot and have had no more problems.

Stuff happens!


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and instead of signing the log, they thought they had to leave one instead.


Seriously that kind of stuff is pretty crappy(pun intended).


Hopefully it was a non-geocacher. All it takes is one "geotrasher" with a GPS in a 50 km radius to make caching miserable for all of us in our local area.

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