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Anyone interested in a "Coffee Positioning System"?

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We've been geocaching for about six months now, and always hit the Tim Horton's before a cache run (and sometimes between caches, too!). It occurred to us that a link between the two was inevitable - thus we've hit on the "Tim Horton's Coffee Positioning System"! icon_biggrin.gif


The general idea is that there are over 1,000 Tim's around the country (Canada), and wouldn't it be nice to just punch up a website to find the nearest one when you're on a cache run (or vacation, business trip, etc.)?


We've only got about a dozen so far, but will soon be posting a website for the project where others could send in coordinates. It should be live in a few weeks, once we get the forms, etc. sorted out.


So, my question to all the Canuck Caffeine Fiends out there is: would this be useful to you and would you be interested in participating? Please post a follow-up and let us know. icon_smile.gif

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I agree that this is probably better off in the Canada forum - unless American tourists want to know where to get a coffee fix (not that there isn't a Horton's every 50' in some places). I laughed when I saw this post, because the 2nd waypoint I marked with my GPSr, after my house, was the nearest Tim Hortons. So I am ready with a contribution for your website when you get it set up!


-Donna G

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You know, I had never heard of Tim Horton's until I married a girl whose mom is Canadian. Boy, did I learn quickly!


Last summer, I took my wife's uncle and cousin out geocaching in Calgary a few times, and before leaving on each outing, we absolutely HAD to stop at Timmy's! Uncle Steve said that Timmy's was the treasure that he had the most interest in seeking out!


It became such a joke that he is seen holding up his priced cup of coffee in this shot taken at the FCP Cache in Calgary! icon_biggrin.gif


Moun10Bike's Geocaching Pages

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It's not just a Canadian thing. I've got 4 Timmy's within about 2 miles of home, and they're building a fifth. There's probably at least a dozen stores in Buffalo. They changed their coffee a little while back and I don't like it as much as I used to (Tim Horton's was once the #3 coffee shop in Buffalo, ahead of Starbuck's). But if you want coords for some of the stores in the Buffalo area, let me know.

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This is a great idea, there are several in Alberta

(caches and Tim's)

Just checked out 7 caches while out on a Mtn road trip today. Of course the first stop was Tim Hortons!!

I love the idea of Coffee caches! There are 3 Tim's in Red Deer alberta.

let us know when you have the web site up and running, and I will try and get some coffee coordinates! icon_eek.gif


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Hey Sponge Bob! Tim Horton's seem to be multiplying all over in WNY....One is destin to go in my fair town of Akron, NY! They just tore down an old building and the Tim's should be in before the school year starts.


I've been saving the single use coffee packets from the hotels that we stay in.......Thought that those might be a nice trade for the cache box.....sealed and all.


I am a coffee fanatic...must admit that if I didn't have access to hot water I would just rip open the packet and do a Mr' Bean number...open mouth, insert coffee grinds, water, shake.


Perhaps that is why I get so many projects done! icon_eek.gif




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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Could you make this coffee shop a virtual cache - that way you could record all of the ones around and have a list. One log per shop allowed - just a thought. An easy thing to do on a way to a cache and a "find" as well - for those that like virtuals. HAPPY CACHING!!! icon_razz.gif

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2 going up right now in the Rochester, NY area & 2 more in the planning stages. We make a lot of trips up to Canada & always make a stop at a Tims. Glad to see one of the ones being built here is around the corner from my house. icon_biggrin.gif



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This has come up before. Basically someone posted a cache as the location of his favorite coffee shop (it did not appear like he was owner/worker for that shop - just a place that makes a kick @$$ cup of joe). Someone posted that on this board and asked our opinion. It was overwelmingly shot down as a commercial cache and finaly forced to be removed.


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I dunno - I think that if I wanted to trade a consumable, I'd do it by using a coupon. For coffee beans, for example, I'd put in a Starbuck's card or a gift certificate that contained enough money to get some beans.


I did once put some handmade soaps (no scent) in a cache, but I probably wouldn't do it again. After all, how does anyone else know what I put in them? As far as scented things go, it depends on where the cache is. There's an urban cache that I know of that had scented stuff in it, and remained undisturbed. I would probably not do that with one out in the forest, though.



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