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Check it out here.

Basically, m515 has 16MB of regular memory, 8 MB of flash memory.


m130, OTOH, has 8MB of regular memory and no flash memory.


Flash memory will not be erased if your batteries die.


Does more memory = more maps? Do you keep maps in the PDA? I've never connected mine to my GPSr.





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I recently bought a Casio BE-300 primarily for Geocaching. The unit runs on a modified version of Windows CE, has very nice color display, syncs with Outlook, plays mp3 music, and runs the free Mobipocket Reader for viewing e-books. For those that are charter members, you can create custom searches that are e-mailed to you whenever you like. With one click, I'm able to transfer all of the information (in e-book format) about these cache sheets to the pda. I no longer have to sit down and print cache sheets. The Casio supports compact flash memory and can even accept the 1 GB IBM microdrive. I purchased the Casio from www.buy.com for $ 135.00 The only limitation I have found so far is that not all software products that are written for Windows CE will run on this device. Since I'm only concerned about e-books and basic pda functions, this wasn't an issue for me. If you are looking for the same, I highly recommend it

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Originally posted by Stunod:

...I have an m130 and it works just fine for me....

Ditto here.


I almost bought a m125 but changed my mind at the last minute in favor of the m130. (It helped that I received an unexpected check the day I was going to buy it.) I really like the color and bright back-light. I added a 128MB card and recently purchased a backup card. I also just purchased a charger that I can use from my cigarette lighter or sync & charge from my USB port.

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Originally posted by Team Sand Dollar:

Another advantage to the 515 is that you can add a Magellan GPS Companion. It a nice toy once you learn how to use it.


Team Sand Dollar


NAVMAN makes a clip on GPS for the m130...I bought mine thru Rand McNally's website.



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Originally posted by 3/4 Irish:

..... is it possible to download ClayJar's Watcher program into a PDA? I have it set up on my laptop and like his program so much more than the e-books format.


PC Programs will not run on a Palm device. You would need to get a versionof the program that was written specifically for the Palm.


Now, the Pocket PC, I don't know.........

(I use a Palm Vx)



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Originally posted by 3/4 Irish:

I'm not very familiar with the whole PDA thing so one quick question. I'm interested in buying an m130, but is it possible to download ClayJar's Watcher program into a PDA? I have it set up on my laptop and like his program so much more than the e-books format.

I have a M125 and have been using Mobipocket since the pocket queries began. Recently with the advent of gpx format queries, I have gone to the combination of gpx2html to convert the gpx files to an html format suitable to use with Plucker on my Palm.

The improvement over Mobipocket is astounding. It is much faster to access individual caches with an assortment of indexes to choose from. Hints are just a link's click away and weekly updates are very simple.

Its very simple to use even for computer challenged cachers like myself. Give it a try. You won't be sorry.


Cheers, Olar


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