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What bag do you use for caching?


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"Caching", a bag could be anything from my little camera bag to a full-size Atmos pack.

Most times I simply have things needed in cargo pants pockets anymore, a 32oz water bottle hanging across a shoulder...

From Thanksgiving to Christmas, if I locate a large cache (preferably ammo can) we leave Hallmark ornaments still in the box for the kids.

 - Then I might have a HIKPRO to carry those lightweight items.  I haven't found a caching day yet that couldn't be done with a HIKPRO.

I haven't weighed myself down with "tactical" or similar heavy packs in years...

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It really depends on what you want to be able to carry with you. I use a multitude of bags, depending on the situation. I would suggest inventorying what you may want in the bag. Then, look for a bag that would comfortably carry those items, and make it easy to access. A large bag with a single compartment can get cluttered up real easily.


I have one bag that can easily carry 4 large battery packs, with slits on the sides for power cables. Great if I'm in a large group, on a longer hike. Can recharge phones and GPSr's easily. It also has insulated drink pockets. Unfortunately, it is rather small, and outside of those special compartments, it only has one large compartment. It also has no place to attach anything external to backpack.


I have a full size camping backpack, with a frame. I don't use it for geocaching, it is too large and cumbersome.


I get a lot of backpacks at trade shows. Each with strengths and weaknesses. Generally, the canvas ones hold up better than the nylon ones.


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Depends totally on the situation. When out and about walking or cycling I usually use a super old and super light arc'teryx backpack. I often have it in my car as well. When going somewhere for a few nights or by plane I usually pack my big Anvanda backpack and leave the stuff I don't need during daytime in my accommodation. Otherwise... might just be a simple shoulder bag, something in my jacket pocket, or whatever. Really, totally depends on the situation.

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For the past 15 years or so, I have been using an old sling bag that looks like an Army map case. (But is really a canvas purse that my wife bought in Europe somewhere and then I commandeered. Sssshhh! Don't tell anyone.)


I have already worn several small holes in it, and I can see a very large one forming at the back, so I need a new bag, like, yesterday. I think a trip to either REI or a surplus store is overdue so I can weigh my options.

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On 11/29/2022 at 7:00 AM, jaysonC said:

What bag do you use for caching? My previous outdoorsy bag has worn out so I'm looking for suggestions of a new backpack for caching with!


Canvas shoulder bag with a large compartment, smaller pockets, and a ring to hook my GPS so the display may hang in view.  It holds a few caches worth of Swag drops, some small TBs, my cache notebook, a few TOTTs, a bottle of DEET, and a ziplock bag of first aid items.  Shown here modelled by Toothless.  I added a clip to hang a small water bottle with an attached loop.  If I'm doing cache maintenance, I also bring a cloth grocery bag of cache fixing stuff.



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I use a medium-sized day pack made by the surfwear company Billabong. As well as the main compartment which has plenty of room for water, GPSr, first aid kit and so forth, it also has an inbuilt lunchbox in the bottom, an attached pencil case in the smaller front compartment and an A4-sized pouch which is perfect for multi and EC printouts.



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It depends on terrain, weather, length of walk etc.

My everyday bag is a quiksilver brand bag of about 20litres, similar to Eastpak bags etc. This is the one I take to work every day with lunch, water bottle, wallet etc etc and is fine for local walks, around town and in parks.

For more remote locations away from civilization I either use a Deuter Futura 28litre as a day pack which will also carry map, compass, whistle, extra layers and other kit.

For overnighters with a sleeping bag and cooking kit I have various bags depending on the time of year and situation.


Basically I use equipment that's suitable for the walk I'm doing, the fact that I'm also geocaching along the way doesn't necessarily come into it unless I have to carry some kind of "special equipment" for a particular cache. Usually it's just a case of carrying extra small items like a ballpoint pen and a travel bug.

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