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  1. People not logging DNFs. I've done trails where one cache is missing and there have been no DNFs logged, even though the caches either side of it along the same trail have been regularly found and cachers would have had to walk past the missing one too. This means a cache can stay missing for a long time as the owner is unaware that there is a problem.
  2. Hey! My main fursona is a rabbit but I also have a Dutch Angel Dragon character which I'm considering getting a suit of.
  3. I'd like them. I've found a cache in UAE but don't have a flag from a visitor. Got to you new flags from UAE and Russia Oh, are you still there? Would love to have both flags... I'd like UAE too please if you are still there I'm also trying to collect Canadian Provinces and US states if anyone wants to help out
  4. *chirps* Yes, another fur here!
  5. This is a good idea, or you can search for local geocaching events by going to the home page and clicking "Community" then "Events". Cachers are a friendly bunch and usually happy to take a newbie along to show them the ropes
  6. Is there anything that can be counted? For example the number of bunkers, total number of windows, number of bars on a gate near the trailhead. You could make cachers count almost anything and turn it into a field puzzle without having to paint numbers on walls. I have even seen puzzles involving numbers on nearby signs and the phone number on a food van that parks at the trailhead on certain evenings! Or if there are bunkers in a circle, how about making cachers visit all of them in a certain order with their tracklog turned on so they draw a star! Another idea would be firetacks in the trees making it a night cache and leading searchers to the final location.
  7. Thanks to all those who have visited my profile, my flag counter has reappeared and my current top 5 are: Great Britain USA Germany Latvia/Canada Belgium I'd like to get a few more US states and Canadian provinces as well.
  8. I've found a few spots along rivers in the UK like this, often close to places where people go fishing
  9. My flag counters have disappeared from my profile page, even though the html is all there. Is anyone else having this problem?
  10. Not exactly off the beaten track but the Kilt Rock Earthcache is worth stopping off at if you're passing.
  11. I usually look at the puzzle and give it a try. Some might be easy, some might be too hard for me, some might take a while and I lose interest. I basically try any of them as long as I'm having fun. A geochecker is just a bonus. I have been known to check my final co-ords with the cache owner, all so far have been helpful and pleased that I'm attempting their cache.
  12. I see you're on Shetland, I'd love to visit there one day Another way of keeping the game interesting would be to discover and move on the Travel Bugs and geocoins that visit caches on your island, that way you'll be collecting trackable icons, your "trackables logged" count will go up and you'll be helping them move on. I occasinally re-visit local caches I've already found to move TBs/geocoins. Another idea would be to put on an event cache, perhaps at a time of year when the islands get the most visitors so you might get some travellers turn up as well as locals.
  13. I rarely bother checking my cache logbooks against online logs unless something really stands out as unusual or fishy. If someone has forgotten their pen or simply forgotten to sign the log once they've looked through the swag it doesn't really matter to me. There are alot of worse things in thw world to worry about.
  14. Welcome to the addiction
  15. I used to carry a gas stove and a canister but now I use one of these. It nestles nicely inside my mug and cooking pot along with a windshield made out of a disposable "bacofoil" aluminium roasting pan. It's led to many conversations and "make your own" tutorials with people I've met in the hills and the alcohol it runs off is easily available and fairly cheap.
  16. Multi caches would be good, all post boxes have info on the front of them so they'd be useful for a simple offset cache, it would allow for caches to be placed in better locations if the area around the post box isn't suitable.
  17. It's worth checking the co-ordinates you have taken by moving away from the spot and trying to navigate back to it from different directions.
  18. I thought I'd found an Iphone once whilst caching but on closer inspection it was a copy made in China that ran off Java software. I looked it up online and it was considered to be counterfeit goods, so I took it to work and my friend filmed whilst I drove over it with a 6 ton forklift!
  19. Depending on my plans I take a variety of stuff: My everyday bag for going to work etc is a 20l Eastpak so if I'm caching on my way home from work/shopping I'll just have that with my smartphone, a pen, bottle of water and maybe a snack. For day hikes I have a Deuter Futura 28l with a hydration bladder and in addition to the above will carry my Garmin GPSr, more food and a small first aid/medication kit, if it's a wilderness area or I think I'll need extra clothing I'll take a map and compass, waterproofs, hat and gloves and maybe some trekking poles. For overnight hikes taking in a mountain hut or cabin I'll use my Lowe Alpine Khumbu pack which is 65-80l and I'll add spare clothes, sleeping equipment, cooking kit and food, toilet roll, bivvy bag and some coal or firewood for the fire.
  20. ^ This. There are plenty of caches in parking lots etc but most cities will have much nicer places to go caching. Somewhere with a nice view or with historical significance perhaps. I would seek out places you would like to hide a cache first, then go about contacting the landowner for permission. Best of luck
  21. I would just recommend trying to visit some islands if you can, every Hebridean island I have visited has been beautiful and a great place for caching. Do it before the price of ferry tickets becomes more expensive!
  22. I've read a story of someone stealing/destroying caches who was contacted by the police, they soon stopped. You have pictures of who these people are and an idea of the area they are based in so perhaps a message from the police to their instagram would be enough to scare them off. They're not hardened criminals, they're just people trying to be a bit naughty for some attention. Other than that I'd say as others have suggested, don't feed them by commenting on their videos, talk to other local cachers and make as many local caches Premium Member Only as you can then stop talking about them online. They'll soon get bored. Here's an advice thread from the UK/Ireland forum a few years ago when we had this problem, trolls are all the same whatever country they are in. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=257210
  23. Welcome to the hobby I'm in England but visit Wales a few times a year and find caches when I can I've used a HP ipaq with Tom Tom software to navigate to caches that are along a road. Not sure how useful it would be for caches that aren't on a road though as it's really a road navigation device. As others have suggested, you can get apps on smartphones for geocaching so it's worth looking into if you have one. Some caches can also be found by looking at the map links on the cache page. Satellite images, street view and Ordnance Survey maps can be handy for this, I found my first 20 or so with this method and by using the hints.
  24. I think the hardest part will be getting landowner permission.
  25. You should be able to go back to a TB log and there will be an option to upload an image, just next to the edit and delete icons.
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