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  1. Update, The messages are still not showing when I go to my message centre from the link at the top of the website, however if I go to the cacher's profiles or the relevant cache page and click "message this owner" then the one sent to that cacher is showing on the left side of my message centre. This is on the desktop site btw.
  2. I messaged 2 caching accounts for the first time today, both with photos attached. In my message center I can't see a record of these messages, should I be concerned? How do I know if they have sent successfully? A previous first message that I've sent to someone (and not yet received an answer) is visible yet the 2 I sent today are not. Thanks
  3. Especially considering how many cachers seem to fail to read the cache description!
  4. Personally I'd set the difficulty rating to reflect the most difficult part of the challenge, as that part still needs to be overcome in order to sign the log and claim a find.
  5. That's one of the many things I like about caching, noticing the difference in hide styles, types of caches etc when visiting different regions or countries. Hopefully one day I'll get to visit Canada and experience some of those caches for myself.
  6. Back when I started many cachers were hikers or boaters and already had a GPSr, the remote outdoorsy caches are still out there, it's just that urban caches have increased in number as caching becomes more accessible and the demand has been there for other types of hides. The great thing is everyone can still play the game their own way and choose to concentrate on the type of caches they like.
  7. I was working in an outdoor equipment shop that sold GPS units and whilst receiving training on them the person training me mentioned geocaching. I looked it up online and liked the idea. I stick with it because it's a hobby that I can play differently depending on my mood and situation. I can find caches on local journeys or whilst on holiday far away, I can go for a gentle stroll or a strenuous hike or climb, I can cache alone or with others, I can find quick easy caches or spend hours solving mystery caches etc etc. Because of this I can almost always fit caching around whatever I am doing.
  8. Agreed. Looking at the puzzle I'd guess there's a set of steps at the start co-ordinates that you have to count. There are a lot of puzzles like this in my area that make use of architectural features, counting the number of stairs or steps, the number of windows on one side of a building etc etc. It's a simple way of setting a puzzle or multi cache as you can count just about anything and do some simple maths to get some co-ordinates.
  9. I've read reports from other cachers that some folks on certain social media platforms with large followings of young people have been doing geocaching recently. This has led to an influx of newbies downloading the app and giving it a try, sometimes without reading up on the do-s and dont-s of the game.
  10. I've had a few caches go missing. When this happens I usually replace it with a cache that I haven't put any money into (but is still of good quality) so that if it goes missing again shortly afterwards I haven't lost much other than a sturdy recycled container, some green paint, a pencil/pen and a sheet of paper. If it stays in place and the theft appears to have been a one-off event then the container could be replaced with something a bit nicer. If it gets stolen again then it's a sign that someone knows it's there and will keep checking back and stealing it. I've had this happen and have decided to move or archive the cache as there's no point continuing to replace caches in the same place only for the local kids to steal them.
  11. None of this surprises me. Another trick I've heard of is thieves look for a dirty round mark on the windshield which suggests a sat-nav mount is being used. Thieves are also familiar with brand names of valuable equipment which is why I don't sticker my car with outdoor gear/climbing/mountain biking brand stickers like many people seem to do, it's pretty much an advertisment for what kind of stealable swag might be hidden inside.
  12. If the cache is actually there and someone actually found it then I personally don't mind if someone writes their friend or spouse's name in the log for them. It's not like they're failing to log a DNF or logging a cache that may not be there.
  13. I always thought a note saying you're off geocaching/hiking/whatever is advertising to potential thieves/vandals that you may be far away and gone for a while. If a car is parked legally and not causing an obstruction then it's not likely to draw much attention. If someone's car is particularly old or rusty and likely to be mistaken for a dumped car then the simple"This is not an abandoned vehicle" stickers I've seen might save the locals from worrying.
  14. No doubt this will get a lot of favourite points once it goes live. Ideal for getting an extra 30 points for the Signal's Labyrinth souvenirs when you really need them.
  15. Here's my profile, visits are appreciated https://www.geocaching.com/p/?guid=30239d49-e3ec-4418-802e-46aca79d1b90
  16. Just visited from The UK, feel free to visit back
  17. People not logging DNFs. I've done trails where one cache is missing and there have been no DNFs logged, even though the caches either side of it along the same trail have been regularly found and cachers would have had to walk past the missing one too. This means a cache can stay missing for a long time as the owner is unaware that there is a problem.
  18. Hey! My main fursona is a rabbit but I also have a Dutch Angel Dragon character which I'm considering getting a suit of.
  19. I'd like them. I've found a cache in UAE but don't have a flag from a visitor. Got to you new flags from UAE and Russia Oh, are you still there? Would love to have both flags... I'd like UAE too please if you are still there I'm also trying to collect Canadian Provinces and US states if anyone wants to help out
  20. *chirps* Yes, another fur here!
  21. vw_k


    This is a good idea, or you can search for local geocaching events by going to the home page and clicking "Community" then "Events". Cachers are a friendly bunch and usually happy to take a newbie along to show them the ropes
  22. Is there anything that can be counted? For example the number of bunkers, total number of windows, number of bars on a gate near the trailhead. You could make cachers count almost anything and turn it into a field puzzle without having to paint numbers on walls. I have even seen puzzles involving numbers on nearby signs and the phone number on a food van that parks at the trailhead on certain evenings! Or if there are bunkers in a circle, how about making cachers visit all of them in a certain order with their tracklog turned on so they draw a star! Another idea would be firetacks in the trees making it a night cache and leading searchers to the final location.
  23. Thanks to all those who have visited my profile, my flag counter has reappeared and my current top 5 are: Great Britain USA Germany Latvia/Canada Belgium I'd like to get a few more US states and Canadian provinces as well.
  24. I've found a few spots along rivers in the UK like this, often close to places where people go fishing
  25. My flag counters have disappeared from my profile page, even though the html is all there. Is anyone else having this problem?
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