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  1. Sounds fun. No need to mention either your book name or the character's book name in the online cache. Neither one would either add or detract to the fun of the cache, so go ahead a make your fun caches. No reason to include the book in any manner. Note that the contents of the physical cache can include anything you want in regards to your books or characters.
  2. Your understanding is correct and it is apparently a frequently use option. However there are three other options that could be used instead hiding a cache. And they may being utilized but the only one that we would be aware of is the hide.
  3. New York City has fewer than Des Moines and most of those are in Central Park. Does Iowa have a lot of interesting geological features that would make interesting caches? If so, it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to create some for the local cachers!
  4. I don't know what you mean by this. The only user created item I know that expires is a Pocket Query link to the results.
  5. i wonder why it was eliminated? I have visited several caches that I wished had that attribute.
  6. Generally a DNF implies one tried to find a cache but was unable to complete the task. The analog for a DNA would be that you left the house and were en route when something prevented you from completing the trip. A write note could explain the change of plans or express regrets and would be more respectful than simply posting a DNA. If you suggest that one could add text to the DNA then it is no more useful than the note.
  7. You get an A for humor!
  8. i agree. GS should change the output by not allowing emojis in the name of the cache since the emojis serve no useful purpose.
  9. I suspect there will be do reason to fan the flames of your fury over this issue!
  10. How did this work? Remove all the GPX files, disconnect and boot the empty GPS twice, once to clear the internal index and once to boot a clean system. Now try adding a new GPX file.
  11. How about the fact that on one has asked for it indicates it’s not worth spending the development time?
  12. A couple of items that might help. If you are using a Mac be sure to empty the trash before you disconnect the GPS. Remove all the GPX files, disconnect and boot the empty GPS twice, once to clear the internal index and once to boot a clean system. Now try adding a new GPX file.
  13. I'm seeing the same thing in Win 10 with both Chrome 102.0.5005.63 and FF 101.0.
  14. That is so sad. I think the worst introduction to caching would be wandering a potentially busy parking lot lifting lamp post skirts. Oh, that might be topped by standing feet away from cars zooming by while you pay no attention to the traffic. Is this really your idea of what geocaching is and should be? After these do you move up to micros on stop signs? When I introduce people to caching, I take them to areas of greenery, perhaps a regional, neighborhood or even a micro park. Maybe even bushes near an office building if it is a weekend. If youngsters are involved, I visit GZ in advance to be sure the cache is present, in good shape and kid friendly. If the parents come along we go to a park where varied types of caches are likely to be. I think the best caches for beginners are the ones that take them to new, neat, fun locations where they can find more that a rolled up piece of paper in a pill container. Saying guardrail and lightpole caches are the best for anything is just plain wrong.
  15. Also, Geocaching has trademark protection despite the rare use of a TM symbol within the web site. The word geocache has no such restriction. The forums are a poor place to get legal advice so I suggest you contact HQ to discuss your plans. Good luck with your project!
  16. So just as the previously mentioned Constitution has changed over the years, so have the Geocaching rules, restrictions and interpretations. I see a mention of the date being preserved, so is the real interest in the cache or the space it fills in the scorecard of a side game?
  17. There is no need to post the same item twice.
  18. Your list is NOT in the GPX folder. It is in the GPX/Current folder.
  19. I think you missed this. i don't see any geocaches in that folder/directory.
  20. Interesting. Did you notice thread is two years old? I would think some who feels qualified to be a moderator would notice such details. Perhaps now you understand why they don't take applications!
  21. Click on the favorites column and it will reverse the sort bringing the favored caches to the top. When the data is first presented, I see no evidence of a sort. If one clicks on a link to show most favorites, isn't it reasonable to except to see a list that is sorted to match the selected search? Does anyone in HQ actually test the software changes before it is released?
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