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  1. That's several hours away from your home so the reviewer will want to know about your maintenance plan will be for the new cache. A cache with multiple locations could end up requiring a lot owner follow up. Do you get up there on a frequent basis or do you have friend or relative geocacher in the area that will be able to maintain the cache for you?
  2. Discussion about solving a particular cache is not allowed in the forums. You should contact the owner and ask for assistance. If that doesn’t work try to contact a local cachet and ask if you can team up when they attempt the cache. You can also look for other caches in the area that use the same technique but are less complicated so it might be easier to figure out. Good luck.
  3. I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue. It was nice of you to report back what happened. Thanks!
  4. Until you tell us what make and model GPS you have we can only guess with our suggestions. It is possible your GPS has a memory card so there would be two /Garmin/GPX directories that need to be checked and purged.
  5. Also look for a GGZ folder containing a preload.ggz file.
  6. Is there any chance these are old caches than came preloaded on your GPS when you bought it?
  7. I am aware that there has been a lot of work put into the site but I don't see an easy way to get answers to the questions asked. What I am sure is obvious to someone like you who is very familiar with the content, finding the answers is probably easy. For a new user or one new to the site, finding page after page of screen captures doesn't naturally lead to a "behind the scenes" question, that is how are the GPX files actually stored in the file system and how does the file system related to the database presentation of those caches. Is there a screen shot of the directory structure with varied GPX files? (Obviously, the shot would be of the computer focused on the GPX directory.) That would be helpful to a user trying to understand the various directories, some of which should not be disturbed. As to your links, they point to index pages. I don't see how to find the specific answers from those index pages. There may be a way, but it would involve a lot of searching and scrolling. Again I think the best help is to provide direct answers to questions asked and then offering that more information is available at the web site. That does two things, answers the questions and alerts the cacher to the availability of additional resources. In general, the forums are a place to ask questions and get answers. In most cases, I don't feel that only directing the questioner to another site is providing an answer. It is merely telling them where else to look and the forums are not designed to be an index site.
  8. Note that you still have not answered the OP's question. I went to the basic site and didn't find an easy way to get an answer which is why I answered the question that had been asked. Please provide a URL to the specific answer on that site.
  9. You could answer the question in a sentence or two so there is no need to copy the all the contents. That suggestion is beneath you. Much better web site you asked for: forums.geocaching.com.
  10. Wouldn’t be better to actually answer the question instead of pointing to a crudely constructed website? An answer and a “for more information” link would be much more helpful. To OP: the Extex line doesn’t support folders. You can load GPX files, each of which can contain one or many caches. The multiple files are useful when you are managing the directory from your computer. The GPS will group all caches into a single internal database.
  11. Geocaching has Trademark protection. You can see it on the home page or in a search in TESS.
  12. Glad you got it to work! Enjoy your caching weekend!!
  13. So many places to check. The GPX files are plain text. Have you tried opening one in a text editor to see what is inside the file? Have you previewed the PQ on the web site to see how many caches it contains? When you load the PQ into GSAK how many caches does it list. What happens when you open one of the caches in GSAK? You have described a problem but not described the steps you are taking, so it is difficult to assist you.
  14. I just successfully ran mine. Maybe it was a random glitch?
  15. Fair enough. I have the system set up to take me to the next unread in a variety of forums so I lose track of which I’m in.
  16. I'm curious why you would ask for a screenshot instead of providing a simple solution that you yourself use.
  17. Or paste the existing coordinates into the field and edit the digits that need to be updated which should avoid any formatting errors.
  18. Just to clarify in case anyone missed the reference, when discussing subjective reviewer issues Keystone used to use the phrase "some reviewers are dogs." Since he was busy licking himself I think he realized I was throwing him a bone.
  19. That’s another of your “my way” arguments that isn’t true. It is always up to the person proposing an idea to provide supporting facts. The onus is never on the critic to PROVE the initial argument wrong. I believe the rings of Saturn are evidence of a dystopian planet. Prove me wrong. I believe 98% of the messages posted to the forums are posted by AI bots using pseudonyms. Prove me wrong. I believe you are a troll. Prove me wrong. I believe Keystone is a dog. Prove me wrong. I believe this thread has outlived its usefulness. No proof needed.
  20. You have it backwards: it’s your responsibility to prove your opinion is factual.
  21. A cache is owned by the individual the made and placed it. Geocaching is a listing service and as such has no legal right to make ownership changes. They provide a an adoption process that allows cachers to transfer ownership so Geocaching can update the record to display the new owner. While this sounds silly for a rusted mint tin, some caches are valuable and all must be treated uniformly. Why? Because Geocaching doesn't own any of them, except of course for those they have placed.
  22. While you made it clear, it doesn't make sense. When looking at a list related to a single user, one would expect the information would also relate to that user. If this isn't corrected, the column header should be changed to reflect what is being displayed.
  23. I've often wondered why the placed date is used? Other than possible challenge fillers, the placed date is far less significant than the publish date.
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