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When I toggle off Events (Red) on the Map, I want to hide ALL events, including Community Celebrations


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I'm getting irritated that when I try to turn off events so they don't show up on the map while I'm browsing, "Community Celebration" events will still show up. Yes I get that there's no specific button for Community Events on the filter list, but when I click on the red button on the far left it should turn off ALL events, regardless of their type. As it stands, there is no way that I'm aware of to turn off Community Events from the map, which just strikes me as a silly oversight.

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Community Celebration Events were supposed to be a brief thing.  Then, COVID came along and said "hold my beer."  Perhaps this is the reason why they're not fully integrated into the site, like the issue you've noted.  The good news is, they won't be a thing after December 31, 2022.

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9 hours ago, Keystone said:

A GPS Adventures Maze is rare enough in numbers, and short enough in duration, that putting one on your Ignore List is probably the most practical solution.

May work for Maze (never tried it), but it doesn't work for CC Events. I ignore all events, where I'm sure I will not attend, but the CCEs still show up on the map.

But no worries, I can live with it, and as has been said, CCEs will be history anyway in a few months ;) .

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This is an issue on the old Browse Map (/map) but not on the newer Search Map (/play/map).

When the latter was introduced, the Browse Map was slated for retired. This decision was revisited after community feedback and the Browse Map has been kept around.


That said, resources for bug fixes and feature improvements on the old map will be limited. As noted by others, due to the limited time impact of this bug, chances that it will be fixed are slim.

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